Luxxe Slim Green Tea Extract

January 7, 2017

Luxxe Slim Green tea extract is contains with

L-carnitine 350mg &

Green tea extract 150mg

Every Capsule 500mg

So what is L-CARNITINE ?

Primary role is to transport fatty acid into energy, major source of energy for the muscle including the heart. Also enhances the effectiveness of vitamin C and E. could be instrumental for the treatment of diabetes, kidney and liver disease. In the strictest sense, L-carnitine is not an amino acid but a substance related to the B vitamins. It’s primary role is to help transport fatty acids into the energy producing units in the cells – the mitochondria, where they can be converted into energy. This is a major source of energy for the muscles, including those of the heart. As such, carnitine increases the use of fat as an energy source. Thus L-Carnitine is a widely known product as an aid for weight loss.

What is Green tea Extract?

A green tea extract is a herbal derivative from green tea leaves (Camellia sinensis). Containing antioxidant ingredients – mainly green tea catechins (GTC) – green tea and its derivatives are sometimes used as dietary supplements and in alternative medicine. And Green Tea actually fix your metabolism which is when you eat less or lots your body will reflect. Example you know people eat so many foods but they dont gain weight and you know people who eat less and they’re so easy to gain weight that issue is about metabolism.

Why Luxxe Slim?

Luxxe Slim is not Laxative (No Bowel Movement). What it does is it converts fats into energy. You sweat a lot when using the product. How many capsules should I take per day? 1-2 capsules per day. How long would it take to see the effect? You’ll see results in less than a month. It’s also important to watch out for food intake When is the best time to take the product? Best time is when you are active. We recommend atleast 15-20 minutes doing minimum household chores such as sweeping the floor, walking, cleaning the house, etc. The more active you are, much better! Don’t take the Luxxe Slim before going to bed. We have seen the results so many times over and over again they’re so grateful that they discover LUXXE SLIM. Nothing will more confident when you are best state of your body !


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