Court of Appeal in Canada Rules Against Pinoy’s Appeal of ID Theft Sentence

Story By: Mr. M.

In June 2011, Domingo Mariones Gonzales, a 48-year old father of four, was sentenced in Vancouver provincial court to 8 months in jail after pleading guilty to Identity Theft targeting 12 individuals. He was caught in possession of 12 documents, including credit cards, driver’s licenses and bank debit cards, in the names of other people.

At that time, Gonzales had 20 convictions which includes property-related offences, possession of a narcotic, uttering threats, assault, attempted fraud and fraud.

He appealed his sentence in 2013 because of the change in the law for immigration consequences. In 2015, he was found inadmissible to Canada because he received a sentence of more than 6 months. However, his lawyer argued that the eight-month sentence was unfit because the sentencing judge was unaware of the current immigration consequences.

The three-judge panel of the B.C. Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal in the released ruling last Monday. Given the number of prior-related offences in his criminal record, the judges found that the 8-month sentence was indeed fit.

Mr. M.

Editor-In-Chief of Filipino Portal in Canada. He is a Business Analyst Graduate from University of Winnipeg.