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Does anyone know what I need to ask from our ‘Sponsor’? I am still waiting for my IELTS and WES results, so for the mean time, I would like to know what I need to request from my uncle for my application.

I saw a settlement plan form online, should I ask my uncle to fill it out early in my application? Or is this required once I receive the LAA?

I hope someone can advise.

Thanks in advance!


-Karen G.

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Thanks for visiting our site. They will send a copy to your sponsor once processed. So just wait for now.

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San po kayo banda sa Canada?

  • Admin answered 6 months ago
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In reply to: New Brunswick

Ung email lang po nun na we are invited pero last feb pa po pero this april so far wala pa naman po. Sabi kasi nila they will back and kasama na nila employers ng nb tas ipapatawag lahat ng indemand na noc for interview. May i know po kung natuloy po sila or maybe we are not qualified kaya po hnd kami naemail. Thanks po sana may next batch pa sila ng for interviews ?

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In reply to: Hi

Salamat po sa pagvisit! Check nyo po ung FAQ namin 🙂

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Mahirap makakuha ng job offer kabayan lalot wala ka sa Canada at di in-demand ang occupation mo. Gano na katagal profile mo sa Express Entry? Ung sakin kc nagpa assist nko sa isang licensed immigration consultant. Filipina-Canadian ung me ari.Try mo mag email sa kanila


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In reply to: Age Limit

Yes you can apply for immigrate to Canada at age 44 howevu7er, it will depend on the age of your son. If your son is under 18 no problem. They will change depends rule to be under age 22 in the fall.

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Ano po ung tanong?

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Renew po nyo passport nyo. San po kayo banda?

  • Admin answered 6 months ago
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If your PR card is lost, stolen or destroyed while you are in Canada, contact IRCC through this Web form to report what happened. Then you can apply for a replacement PR card. You must fill out section H (solemn declaration) when completing the application and pay the $50 processing fee.

Source: CIC

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Di ba sarado ung SINP ngayon? andito kaba sa Canada?

  • Guest answered 7 months ago
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In reply to: Hi

Hello thank you for visiting our site

  • Admin answered 5 months ago
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