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    Lester Calderon

    Good day to everyone. I am planning to send my wife to study a 2-year program of business insurance in Toronto. Kasabay ng spouse ko ang anak namin pagpunta sa Canada by September 2018. Our research indicates that she’ll get a post-grad visa for 3 years after the 2-yr study. Most likely naman na may mga gumawa na ng ganito way to migrate. Any advise is appreciated. The school fees are expensive but we are determined to go this route. Salamat po sa mga magpapayo ng do’s and do nots.



    Hindi kaba sasama bro? Pwede ka naman sumama para at makakapagwork ka naman.


    Bryan Agoncillo

    Hi Lester,

    Ooo, It’s been a while since I’ve posted comments on a forum.

    Ok, nice, so you have done some research but you have to keep in mind this technic is known as “Post Graduation Work Permit”. And yes she will be allowed to stay for up to the length of her course, not the 3 years that you have stated. On the website, it says “between 8 months and up to three years.” and it depends on the length of the program of study completed in Canada.

    So meaning the permit cannot be longer than the length of the program of study completed in Canada.

    So an 8-month certificate program is would give you the eligibility of an 8-month work permit. And if you graduated from a 4-year degree program, then you would be eligible for a 3-year work permit (if you meet the program requirements)

    Now you also stated on your above statement that “She’ll get a post grad visa for 3 years” ok you have to remember that she has to apply for this 90 days of when she is confirmed to have completed the program.

    Her Study Permit should also “STILL BE VALID” when is applying for “WORK PERMIT”

    Also, keep in mind that she has to be studying at a Designated Learning Institution, and the operative word is she “MAY-BE” eligible to apply for Post-Graduation Work Permit.

    So, what is the game plan? Have you managed to crunch the numbers? Are you aware of Student GIC’s (required funding of $10,000)


    Lester Calderon

    Hi Admin,

    Susunod ako after 1 yr para mas makaipon kasi ok naman ang bigayan dito sa Middle East.

    Hi Bryan,
    Salamat sa inputs. Yes we have done the calculations naman but I didn’t get what you mean sa work permit. Hindi ba ang student is only eligible for a part time work or 20 hrs per week? And ako as the husband is eligible to apply for an open work permit while she has the student visa?

    Thank you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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