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100 days before Christmas! OFW kmsta ka?


I have spent my Christmas away from my family in Saudi Arabia and Singapore as an OFW for quite a number of years.

Usually, this is the time when I avoid looking at pictures of my family and friends. Looking at their facebook and instagram just makes me miss them more. 

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Ber months na, OFW kumusta ka?

Homesickness normally strikes during holidays, birthdays of loved ones and fiestas etc. These are the times when there’s so much fun in the Philippines. We OFWs feel so much pain spending Christmas away from family.  We just don’t normally tell people.

11 years

I remember about 6 years ago, I was on my way to Manila from Dammam in Saudi Arabia, I was talking to the guy seated beside me.  An OFW working in Saudi Arabia for 8 straight years without returning to Philippines for vacation. When the Pilot mentioned something like “We are near Manila Airport and about to land” I heard my him shriek.

I also heard someone utter loudly  “sa wakas malalanghap ko na din ang hangin ng Pinas


The estimated travel time from Dammam to Manila is about 8-9hours.  And for someone who has not seen his family for years, the  8-9 hour journey is just so long.

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Maybe you are wondering about my post for today. What message do I want to highlight? I know the hardships of an OFW. I worked both in Saudi Arabia and in Singapore. I know how hard it is to be away from our families.

That’s why we OFW’S are the modern day heroes. Our remittances help the Philippine economy big time, but we need to help ourselves first. We cannot work abroad forever. We cannot bring back the lost time with our loved ones. We need to manage our finances well.

We need to SAVE and INVEST so we can reach our dreams and goals faster.

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