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1st Jollibee in Australia will open this year 2017

After fast food giant Jollibee’s successful landing in Canadian soil, Australians are now clamouring in anticipation for the arrival of their very first Jollibee!

Australia might be closer to the Philippines (compared to the US and Canada) being only the land under it but it still hasn’t seen the jolly face of our world famous bee. Well, that will all change this new year!

Dubbed as Asia’s answer to McDonald’s, Jollibee, with over 1,000 stores all around the globe, is expected to start serving jolliness everywhere as they open their very first store in Australia this 2017, which is all a part of Jollibee Foods Corporation’s plans to expand and enter 2 more continents totalling to 4 in the next two years.

JFC Vice President for International Markets Dennis Flores said last October 2015, “We are doing our best to open our first stores in the UK and Italy next year, and SOON IN AUSTRALIA and Japan. We will continue our journey with Jollibee as a truly global brand” Flores said that Jollibee’s core strategy for international expansion has always been to pick prospective markets where there is a concentration of Filipinos and the best example of this is Jollibee’s opening of its first store in Canada. A lot of Filipino-Canadians expected Jollibee to open first in Toronto where the largest Filipino community (around 200,000) is at but they (thankfully) opened in Winnipeg where the largest population of Filipinos by percentage resides.
“Knowing that Jollibee is well-loved by Filipinos, reaching out to them wherever they are is logical for us. We took a conscious decision to prioritize going into markets with significant Filipino populations. We see this deep love from them, from our customers wherever we may go, may it be Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the US or Kuwait. The markets I’ve talked about primarily cater to Filipino customers. But we have also ventured into non-Filipino markets or what we call mainstream markets. These are countries where a majority of our customers are non-Filipinos”, Flores added.

Aussies are very adventurous when it comes to food and they like their food a little bit more on the salty side just like Filipinos (yah can never have enough chicken salt in your chips and crisps right mate?) which makes Jollibee’s arrival, an event to celebrate with not just Filipinos but Aussies as well. Not to mention that Australia’s fast food market is pretty open to new fast food joints that arrives in its shores, a subtle mix of “Americanized Filipino food” will definitely take Australian taste buds to new heights!

Filipinos are currently the third largest Asian-Australian immigrant group, and Filipino-Australians are the fifth largest subgroup of Overseas Filipino. Queensland boasts Australia’s third largest Filipino Australian population, after New South Wales and Victoria, with 14.9 per cent of Australia’s Philippines-born residents residing here, according to census data.

Our friends in Australia! Which city do you think Jollibee will open? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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