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$240 ticket for driving ‘Unsecured Loads’ – applies to SNOW too!


A man driving with 7 to 10 centimeters of snow on the roof of his minivan received a nearly $240 for driving with the unsecured load was reported at CBC news. The man said that it took him to realize a police officer was trying to pull him over as he drove on Bishop Grandin Boulevard.

He further tells that he is familiar with Manitoba law regarding unsecured loads on vehicles, but he didn’t know the law applied to snow too.

Winnipeg Police Const. Rob Carver says the rules on snow fall under the securement of vehicle loads portion of Manitoba’s Highway Traffic Act.

The law says cargo transported by a vehicle must be “contained, covered, immobilized or secured” so it can’t be dislodged from the vehicle or shift to the extent it adversely affects the vehicle’s stability, although it doesn’t mention snow specifically.

It applies to anything on the vehicle that isn’t actually part of the vehicle that could potentially fly off and cause a hazard for people behind you,

It’s been used for years regarding things that are attached to vehicles that pose a hazard. My understanding is it serves us to ensure vehicles are safe for various things that are attached or on them, including the leftover effects of a snowstorm. From a common sense standpoint it’s part and parcel the same thing.


The public is not aware that driving with too much snow on top of their vehicles is hazardous to other vehicles, especially at their back. It could fly off and can harm someone. So, please spread this news and clean your car roof from snow. It could save lives and you could save from tickets.

From Ottawa – A police officer reminding the driver to clear his vehicle’s roof from snow



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