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3 Reasons Why I Love Living in Canada “No Matter What”


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I am a Civil Engineer by profession in the Philippines. I have my own construction firm and I teach at a prestigious University. My wife is a Registered Nurse in a big hospital and my daughter likes to be a teacher someday. One day, I had a phone call from my brother from Vancouver asking if I wanted to migrate there because there was a program that I am very much qualified. Well, in spite of encouraging me to move there he also tells me how our professional lives will become different there. To make the long story short, I and my family grab the opportunity and took the risk.

Back then, there was once an interview process when you apply to migrate. An immigration officer would like to hear your best answer for “Why do you want to move” interview query. But now, it was just a question everyone wants to ask and to answer or maybe to hear a justification. Sometimes, it is also a reflection if you are going to leave your home country or not.

But most of the times, I feel like it was an interrogation. Like, why do you want to go abroad? Do you really know the real situation there? Why are you going to leave your country then contributing your talents there? Why don’t you just stay here and give back to the development of the Philippines? Etc. etc.

In the journey of processing our papers, here are our struggles and some that my wife and I encounter…

Neighbor said:
“I don’t understand why Philippine nurses or any other professionals would want to migrate to Canada? My sister is currently a nurse there and can’t even get a job in a hospital. There is an excess of nurses across Canada and the current processing time for international nurses would be about 4 years. Why don’t you pick another country to migrate to like US, Australia, New Zealand etc? It makes no sense to migrate there just to be displaced to another job. Some professionals became crew members at McDonald’s or work in retail stores or become healthcare aides. It would be a shame to waste your degree there.”

But I said…

I believe that Canada itself is a beautiful country! “No matter what” the outcome of our professional background in the Philippines will be, I would still love to see how gorgeous Canada is.

And I was right, I am proud to inform you that Canada is ranked as the 2nd best country in the world.

Churchmate said:
“International Educated Teacher is the easiest profession to be assessed here in Canada compared to nurses, doctors, and engineers. You can get a teaching license in just 1 year. Even they have the license to teach it is still hard to get the teacher position in a school. Usually, they only substitute teacher or education assistant. You have to wait for someone to retire to be in that position. There are only a few schools here compared to Asian countries, and some schools here are in French Immersion, you still need to study the French Language. There are already oversupplies of teachers here.”

But I said…

“No matter what” your degree or profession back home, the important thing is you will love what you are doing. I am proud of my background in the Philippines because I work hard for it, but if I can’t find a work in my field, this will be the challenge. At least, there are options in Canada, and one is to find my passion again in a new country or environment. I am very much excited to discover that. (Whether that passion is to be a crew member, why not?!)
My Colleague and my ex-professor said…

You were born here, educated here and yet your talents will be used by foreign governments for their already advanced economics.

This program of migrating has been creating a brain drain on the Philippines; the good people with the much-needed talents to propel this country to progress and greatness are leaving and have lost hope in the political system here. You were raised here, educated here, talents developed here and yet contributions are made to the foreign governments. Those who make it here can move anywhere in the world with enough determination, although if Canada isn’t where you plan to go you could always speak to MCA Assessors or other experts for the region you’ve chosen.

These are just my sentiments for you people.

Then I just nod and smile….

Then I think about it and come out of this…
Opportunities to migrate are not given to all. There are lots of intelligent people in the Philippines. The only problem is there are full of sharks out there; in time, the intelligent ones will adapt their living. I think you know what I mean for the system in the Philippines.

Credits to the Philippines for our nurtured talents, but sad to say if we want to pursue our degree or profession in Canada, we need to study again. Otherwise, we will shift from another career or job which is not that bad at all because whatever jobs here, it can still feed a family!

We can still be a great contributor to the economic growth of our beloved home country. As I observed, successful Filipinos here usually invest in the construction and business industry in the Philippines. If that’s the case, more jobs are given to the Filipinos there. Life is not easy here in Canada. “No matter what”, Filipinos can endure hardship and become successful in no time. And Canada is worthy to endure that hardship.

To summarize, here are 3 reasons why I love living in Canada “no matter what”:

  1. Canada is a beautiful country. It is ranked as 2nd best country in the world. I don’t know how to describe it but come and see for yourself.
  2. Canada gives options and lots of work opportunities. While looking for a job, find your passion so that you will not feel working at all.
  3. Filipinos are hardworking. Canada is worthy to endure that hardship.

My daughter once told me, “Dream, Believe and Survive.” I think that should be our motto here “no matter whatâ.




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