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3rd Jollibee Canada Signage Now Up – Guess where?

The first Jollibee store in Canada opened last Dec 15, 2016 in St. James, Winnipeg. A lot of speculations about the third one has been made but here’s something to put a stop on these speculations. The third Jollibee has been spotted as the management has officially put up a sign to mark its opening which is soon!

Wondering where this is? It’s not too far from the first store as is it is the same city. You’ve guessed it right! The second Jollibee is opening soon in Northgate Plaza, Winnipeg.

Winnipeg has the biggest Pinoy community in Canada and the first Jollibee store seems to be a bit small to cater to all Pinoys. With Pinoys coming from various parts of the country to get a taste of Jollibee, they will be in for a treat as the second store will have a bigger space so more Pinoys can be served. The second location is very strategic indeed as it will be a lot closer to more Pinoys. The Northgate area is home to most of the Pinoys in Winnipeg.

Meanwhile, there seem to have been no progress yet in the Edmonton branch. No signs or anything has been put up which indicates that it will still be a while until we see the Pinoy favorite fastfood chain in Alberta. As per a reliable source, the permit has been submitted to the City government and is still in process.

Meanwhile, The second Jollibee is said to be expected in fall, few weeks after the opening of the first Seafood City in Canada. Word has it that the Jollibee in Mississauga will be the second store to open its doors in the country. Great news for the Pinoys in Ontario!

Where do you want Jollibee to open next? We want to know so leave a us a comment below!

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Photocredit: Nonie Manalili Photography

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