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4-in-4-out rules for TFW is NO longer in place, effective immediately


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The Government of Canada now has the first steps to its commitment in bringing forward meaningful changes to make the Temporary Foreign Worker Program work for workers, for employers and for the Canadian economy.  The Honourable John McCallum, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, and the Honourable MaryAnn Mihychuk, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour made the announcement today.

  1. The cumulative duration rule, known as the “four-in, four-out” rule will no longer apply to temporary foreign workers in Canada, effective immediately.

  2. The Government will further develop pathways to permanent residency so that eligible applicants are able to more fully contribute to Canadian society.

  3. Canadians are ensured to have first access to available job opportunities. Low-wage employers will be required to advertise to under-represented groups in the workforce such as youth, persons with disabilities, Indigenous people and newcomers.

  4. The Government will continue to maintain the cap on the proportion of low-wage temporary foreign workers that can be employed at a given worksite. The cap is at 20% for employers who accessed the Program before June 20, 2014, and at 10 % for new users of the Program on/after June 20, 2014.

This is great news for current and aspiring foreign workers and employers. Thanks to the study of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program by the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and Status of Persons with Disabilities.

Here’s my take on the removal of the four year in, four year out rule. It is through the tenacious efforts of migrant activists that the four year in, four year out rule was removed. This is testament to the importance of activism in eliciting change. The fight for landed status for all temporary foreign workers, of course, continues. – Ethel Tungohan, Ph.D Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, York University.

It felt bittersweet when I learned about the the removal of the four-year cumulative rule. So many people were affected last year, and some were already booted out. While it comes as a welcome relief for some, it was several too months too late for others – Maria de Luna – Immigration Consultant @ Maria de Luna Immigration Services

See the official news release at IRCC website


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