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4 Seasons in 48+ hours


I was on my way to work, walking on the snow dusted pathway, slipping and sliding a bit from the frost that had formed, when I started talking to myself, asking, “Why am I living here? What am I doing in a place like this? How did I get so unlucky?” I felt so miserable going to work on a holiday, trying my best not to crack my skull or spine should I fall. Of course I didn’t mean that. I’m lucky to be here. We are!

We live in Winnipeg aka Winterpeg, Manitoba. We get snow at least half of the year and the total amount of time you can wear short-sleeved shirts and flip flops is at the very most 2 months. Horrendous, eh? Especially for us Filipinos who are from the land of four seasons: Hot, Hotter, Hottest, and Help-me-I’m-drowning. I miss the days when I can go to the mall in comfy house clothes. Really, wearing layers of jackets and pants and walking in heavy snow boots should be making me lose pounds but it proved quite contrary.

But we knew what was awaiting us from the (sometimes exaggerated, and yet frighteningly accurate) stories our sponsors, families, or friends have told us. There’s no use crying over something you should have expected and prepared for prior to arrival.

Four Seasons in 48 hours

This May Long Weekend was one of the Manitoban’s worst in years. All the torrential rain and howling winds followed by snow on the holiday itself sapped every one of the good holiday spirits.

Happy Victoria Day!
I hope you haven’t put away your winter gear yet. It ain’t over till it’s over.

We clearly have some of the weirdest weather transitions in the world. In a span of 48 hours, we’ve had the sun, wind, rain, overcast, and snow. To be honest, it’s interesting in the science perspective how this happens, and it’s a complete pain dressing for the occasion. We were warned of -50C wind chills and at least 1m of snow fall. Did I believe them? Yes I did. We brought and bought the correct garments for each season for we didn’t want to be on the news as frozen human popsicles.

Stereotype is that Canada is the land of Elsa and Anna.
Nope. The four seasons are clearly defined here but you’ll have to always check the weather forecast for the appropriate attire you’ll have for the whole day. One time, I dressed really nice for a sunny outing with friends and ended up shivering half the night. The next day, we had 10cm of snow.

New in Canada? Coming to Canada soon?

Don’t skimp on buying winter gear.

Go for the trusted brands that will keep you both warm and comfortable. Layering can help but a good winter coat can save you the stress of wearing 5 sweaters. Plus, they can last you many falls and winters. Until you have passed a winter and felt what real stone cold, ‘sagad sa butong lamig’ is, do not worry about looking frumpy and lumpy. Worry about keeping your nose, ears, fingers and toes intact. Don’t let the frostbites… bite and enjoy the new environment.

Welcome to Canada!

Latest update: It’s sunny again!!

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