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5 Reasons Why The Bill C-6 Amendment Makes It Easier for Immigrants To Be Canadian Citizens


Thanks to the Bill C-6  Amendment, immigrants can now obtain citizenship status earlier and in a simpler way. Here are five reasons, the amendment favor immigrants.

1. It is no longer required to provide the intent to remain in Canada after being granted Citizenship

Immigrants who apply for Canadian citizenship may now reside outside Canada after being granted citizenship. This makes it easier for those immigrants who needs to be outside Canada for work of personal reasons.

2. The required physical presence prior to applying for citizenship is shortened

Prior to the amendment, immigrants must be physically present in Canada in four out of six years. In addition, the immigrant must be present in Canada for 183 days in the required four years.
The amendment which takes effect on the fall of 2017 shortened the required physical presence time in Canada to three out of five years. The amendment also took out the ruling requiring 183 days presence in each of the years.

The amendment also applies to tax declaration to coincide with the physical presence requirement. The new law requires all applicants to file Canadian income tax in the three years they stayed in Canada.

3. Physical presence now begins when the immigrant steps foot in Canada

Prior to the amendment, the counting of physical presence in Canada starts when the immigrant becomes a permanent resident. This is now changed to include in the counting all the days that the immigrant stayed in Canada.

The amendment now includes in the counting each day that the immigrant is in Canada. However, the catch is that if the immigrant is still considered as a protected person or temporary resident, each day is counted as a half-day only and has a limit of 365 days. Each day thereafter as a permanent resident counts as a full day.

4. Language requirement is now applied to a smaller age group

Prior to the amendment, applicants for citizenship aged 14 to 64 years old needs to meet Canada’s language requirement. The amendment adjusted this rule to be applied to applicants aged between 18 to 54 years old. This makes it easier for younger kids and senior applicants.

5. Discretionary citizenship for stateless individuals

A new rule for awarding citizenship has been added thanks to the amendment. Now, a discretionary citizenship grant may be given to stateless individuals.

With the Bill C-6 Amendment, it is definitely easier to become Canadian citizens. To check your qualifications, you can use the Citizenship calculator in Canada Immigration’s website



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