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6 Canadian Cities make new ranking of World’s Best Cities: Report


There’s no denying that Canada has been commended more than once on its world-class people, products, and places. Out of all the best cities in the world, even Canada managed to bag six of them. At present, there are 162 cities in Canada, but an even number of them made it on the list, according to the 2021 World’s Best Cities Report. Canada is considered to be home to less than 0.5% of the world’s population, but if a ranking list worthy of Lonely Planet’s attention shines the spotlight on its cities, it’s no question that foreigners might add it to their travel list once everything gets better.

The six cities in question? Take a wild guess, see if you’re correct:  Compared to the previous report of this master list, Canada’s cities ranked even higher for 2021. Though The Best Cities isn’t as unpredictable as one would think, the top five cities are still pretty easy to figure out: London, New York, Paris, Moscow, and Tokyo unshockingly take the stage. As one could remark, the ranking proves that not only is size considered, so is history.

The methodology that Best Cities uses has six metrics, including: place, product, programming, people, prosperity, and promotion. All these make up the decision of carefully ranking thousands of cities, narrowing it down to at least a hundred.


Toronto ranks the highest among these six cities, now 13th best city in the world, bumped up from its former reign on the 17th. As Canada’s largest city, it is ‘poised for big things’, which is true considering there are long-term opportunities here formed by immigration and global investment. It’s apparently the fastest growing metropolitan area in all of North America.


Coming in second is Vancouver, falling slightly farther at the 34th spot, but still a huge jump from its former place as the 41st. Being one of the cities with a pro-active COVID-19 response, it is set to attract more tourists soon.


Montreal takes Vancouver’s former spot on the 41st, going up a few steps from its place at the 45th last year. Brandishing a unique way of handling the pandemic, Montreal has turned its streets into an homage for art and music: outdoor hangouts dedicated to those.


The fourth city is Calgary, going up one spot from the 48th to the 47th this year. As Canada’s energy capital, it’s beaming with other opportunities for business and projects, reinstating good quality of life. Some of these include the newly opened Central Library in the East Village.


Ottawa goes up ten spots, now 67th in the world from the 77th. This is considered as the cosmopolitan capital of Canada, earning its reputation of being the brainpower ready to take on the world. The city itself ranks #6 in Educational Attainment, and within their four universities, Carleton is the highest-ranking, renowned globally at 82nd. The businesses here thrive on knowledge and diversity, a true Ravenclaw hub, as Harry Potter fans would say. They have everything from clean technology to life sciences to digital media, aerospace and software.


Last but not the least, Edmonton takes 76th place in the world, still higher than its former rank of 83rd. Aside from being home to the University of Alberta, this city has healthy immigation and has been making use of their mark as a provincial capital. In fact, around the world, it may be known as The City of Festivals. Back in pre-pandemic days, Fringe theater and street performers reinstated this position.

While the city life isn’t for every Canadian, some preferring the peace and quiet of smaller or provincial cities, it is a feat to know that all around the world, there are people who dream of stepping into the world every Canadian already lives in.






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