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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Canada


As you arrive in Canada, you probably have googled a lot about the country as preparation to your move. Of course, as time passes, you will get to know more and more about it too as you experience the life here. For now, we will give you 8 things that you probably do not know about Canada. Some of them are useful and some are just plain trivial. Enjoy reading!

1. In the small town of Churchill, the number of bears is equal to the number of human inhabitants. Residents are taught to be prepared and most of them leave their cars unlocked, in case of an encounter with the large animals.

2. License plates in the Northwest Territories are shaped like polar bears. It was first introduced in 1970 to celebrate the centennial of the territory and it has been retained ever since.

3. Canadians are famous for their pacifism approaches. First of all, Canada has no weapons of mass destruction since 1984 and public authorities have outspoken about their disapproval of such weapons. Second, the border between Canada and the U.S., which is the longest border in the world, has no military defense. Finally, the Police Departments in Canada encourage peace and kindness by giving out “positive tickets” for those who accomplish good deeds.

4. Some of the Canadian laws are peculiar.
– In Montreal, it’s illegal to swear in French
– In Etobicoke, a maximum of 3.5 inches of water is allowed in a bathtub
– In Ottawa, children under the age of five can’t be locked in a refrigerator and you can’t eat ice-cream on Bank Street on a Sunday
– In Beaconsfield, children can’t be buried alive in snow deeper than six feet, only a maximum of 3.5 inches.

5. Truth is stranger than fiction. In 2010, a 29-year-old man from Calgary, Canada rescued a newborn from a dumpster, only to find out that the child was his. He didn’t even know his girlfriend was pregnant.

6. Several territories in North Canada have less gravity than the rest of the world. The phenomenon was discovered in the 1960’s.

7. The Windiest Corner can be found in Winnipeg. It is the corner of Portage and Main. It is also called “crossroads of Canada” because it an intersection right in the middle of the country.

8. Here’s good news for children everywhere. Santa Claus does exist and he lives in Canada! If you want to make sure he gets your next letter, address it to “Hoh Oho, North Pole, Canada”. You will receive a letter back from Santa himself or perhaps the present of your dreams if you have been good all year.

As everyone knows, Canada is the second largest country in the world, the most educated one, and the country with the nicest citizens. Now, everyone knows Canada is also an interesting country with the 8 things mentioned above. Maybe these are the reasons why nearly seven million people have chosen to immigrate to Canada.


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