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9 Co-workers including Pinoys Win $60M Lotto Jackpot in Canada


The co-workers, who range in age from 21 to 57 years old, worked side-by-side on the assembly floor at Guelph’s Linamar Corporation. They bought their lotto ticket together as a group and they won the December 21, 2018 LOTTO MAX jackpot of $60 Million.

“We’re a very close line – closer than any of the other lines,” group leader Ala Hirmiz said.

The group would always celebrate each other’s birthdays and now, they get to celebrate this unbelievable win together. It’s one of many activities they often do together, such as playing online casino games from a site similar to Lennus ( Another thing they did together was to quit their jobs after they learned they won the jackpot prize.

They used to individually buy lotto tickets and have only began playing together in the last couple months. With their luck, they already hit the jackpot even though they had only bought tickets three or four times together.

“We only play if it’s $50[M] plus – we want the big one, we don’t want the small one,” Hirmiz laughed.

A group member, Mercedes Granadino almost didn’t hand over her $5 when it was time to buy their ticket but felt like some spirit sitting on her shoulder telling her to play. She was the first to find out that the winning ticket had been purchased in Guelph so she quickly called their ticket-holder Fernando Meneses to check their numbers. Indeed, they have won!

Dividing the $60 million jackpot, each person will receive around $6.6 million and are surely able to live out their best lives without worrying about money.

The winners already have plans in mind on how they will be spending their money. Some are looking to buy new vehicles and new homes, and spend on family vacations to various destinations and on some R&R time.


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