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Dear Pinoy-Canada members,

Thank you for visiting our site!

We are Pinoy-Canada.Com, fastest growing Filipino Portal in Canada that’s conceptualized and created by a group of Filipinos who work and live here. We are guessing that, like us, you want to sell your items at the highest price. On the other hand, you want to shop at a reasonable price. Because of this, we created this FREE flatform for both sellers and buyers to give us what? convenience (Explain it further). Call it a break or maybe even a little treat, but this is an experience, however small, that we hope to share with everyone.

We are not yet fully launched and we are still in our pilot test. You have generously agreed to participate in our initial run and we thank you for trusting us. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to learn how to serve you better.

We hope that you enjoy browsing/bidding in our site and we eagerly await any feedback that you may have for us. You can reach us at support@pinoy-canada.com.

Maraming salamat po at tuloy na po sila!



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