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Auctions Frequently Ask Questions


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Frequently Ask Questions

Pinoy-Canada Auctions is another functionality of which enables it’s members to buy and sell items by offering them up for a bid at a specific time and selling the item to the highest bidder.

Pinoy Auction is mobile responsive. A registered user can list and/or bid an item. Interested users can bid to the items listed in Pinoy Auctions, the seller will set the starting bid amount for the bid, the selling amount goes up every time someone bids until the specified time to bid is reached, the seller will sell the item to the highest bidder.

As of now, Pinoy Auctions is for all Pinoy by heart who resides in Winnipeg.

You must be a registered user to list and bid on items.
To create an account, please click here.

A registered user must be logged in in order to place a bid to any items listed in Pinoy Auctions.
If you find any item that you like, click the “Bid Now” button next to the item.
Enter your bid amount.
You will receive a confirmation message once your bid has been entered.

Currently, the system doesn’t support changing or withdrawal of bids. Your bids are final and non-retractable. Please bid only if you really intend to buy the item.
If you won the bid and you are no longer interested to buy the item, you must directly contact the seller, you need to contact the seller. Any complaint received from seller regarding unclaimed items from the highest bidder may result to blocking of the registered user’s account.

General Rules
1. By listing an item or participating in any bidding, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and accept Pinoy Auctions rules.
2. Only registered members can list an item and/or bid to an item.
3. In listing an item, the seller must post a photo of the item and must provide a full description of an item, whether the item is brand new or used; if the item is original or inspired/imitation; if the item is still in it’s original packaging or it doesn’t have a box or if the item has damage or stain.
4. Each auction must have information where the item is located or where it can be picked up and the seller must put the starting bid amount for the bid and must specify the start date and time and end date and time to place a bid for the listed item.
5. Once you list an item, you are entering a contract to whoever will be the highest bidder for your item. You are obligated to sell your item to the highest bidder.
6. The seller cannot sell the listed item to anyone until the auction you started has ended on the specified time.
7. The seller must announce who was the highest bidder as soon as the auction time has ended. The seller must advise the highest bidder how the bidder can get the item.
8. Once the auction has started, the seller cannot change the starting bid amount. Any item description initially posted cannot be changed, however, seller may be able to add additional description.
9. By placing a bid, you are stating that your intention to purchase the item and you are ready and willing to purchase the item on the bid amount that you provided. If you are outbid, you understand that the seller is in no obligation to sell the item to you.
10. By placing a bid, you are entering a contract with the seller to buy the item on the bid specified and you are under obligation to deliver payment within the time specified by the seller. If you are not ready or you cannot pay on time, please DO NOT BID!

All registered members are expected to conduct business with honesty and integrity, all members who list item and place a bid must be following through with any commitments they have made. In any event that a member shortchange another member or did not comply with the agreed conditions, the said member will be permanently blocked.

DISCLAIMER: All items posted on this site are a property of the seller. Any illegal activities, breaking of a rules, or outright statements of falsehood should be reported to the site administrator immediately.

What our video

Dear Pinoy-Canada members,

Thank you for visiting our site!

We are Pinoy-Canada.Com, fastest growing Filipino Portal in Canada that’s conceptualized and created by a group of Filipinos who work and live here. We are guessing that, like us, you want to sell your items at the highest price. On the other hand, you want to shop at a reasonable price. Because of this, we created this FREE flatform for both sellers and buyers to give us what? convenience (Explain it further). Call it a break or maybe even a little treat, but this is an experience, however small, that we hope to share with everyone.

We are not yet fully launched and we are still in our pilot test. You have generously agreed to participate in our initial run and we thank you for trusting us. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to learn how to serve you better.

We hope that you enjoy browsing/bidding in our site and we eagerly await any feedback that you may have for us. You can reach us at [email protected].

Maraming salamat po at tuloy na po sila!



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