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Bakit Single ka parin?


Wala ka pa bang boyfriend?
Kailan ka mag-aasawa?
Si “name” pala may anak na. Ikaw, ano na?
O, bakit di mo ligawan si “name”? Single din yun!

Sounds familiar? I’m pretty sure you’ve heard this from either the Titas during a reunion, your friends who are happily engaged or married, the Titos during inuman, or your mom who saw your cousin’s new baby on FB. Don’t even get me started with high school and college reunions.

They question us as if we don’t question ourselves. It’s never easy, trying to answer them because you yourself don’t really know why. And if you somehow know the reason for your being, it is not an easy feat, accepting the fact that you are single and having difficulties finding elusive love. Often, you just want to tell the (sad?) truth.

It’s never easy, trying to answer their questions. Because you yourself don’t really know why. And sometimes, it is difficult to accept the fact that you are single and having difficulties finding elusive love. I am not saying that it is a bad thing, rather, we just want to explore the reasons why, and perhaps, find some tips to getting out of singlehood.

Bakit nga ba single ka pa rin hanggang ngayon?

1. Sanay nang mag-isa.

You’re that person who has been single for the longest time, that you’ve gained a lot of friends, but has grown too independent. You’ve become comfortable with your ways, never having to ask another’s opinion or permission for your life decisions. I am my own person ang datingan.It’s also really cold here, so people are more inclined to stay at home. I mean, would you rather brave the brutal Canadian winter, than be under your warm and toasty fluffy covers?“But, how good at being along do we really want to be?”


2. Choosy si Teh/Kyah

It is rather impossible to find your very own Jericho Rosales, Dao Ming Si, or Lee Min Ho. Not all girls would be like Liza Soberano, Pia Wurtzbach, or Angelina Jolie. Let’s stop the unrealistic expectations society has set for Mr/Ms Right.Then again, it’s also not advisable to settle just for the sake of finding romance. It’s not being choosy, it’s having (reasonable) standards.“Hello, I don’t wanna date a 13-year old!”

3. Trabaho is life

Love requires a lot of work too, so you’ve gotta give it some time and effort. Opportunities to meet new and possible dates get fewer and farther in between when you’re too busy with work. Don’t marry your job, it will never tell you, “I love you, too.”But if you’re truly focused on your career, I fully support you on your path to success! It’s quite difficult to transition from survival jobs to your chosen profession. Build yourself first, solidify your foundation, and the rest will follow.


4. Nagmahal, nasaktan, nag-abroadIn the era of hugot, everyone for sure has had at least some sort of bitter experiences with love. It’s time to move on and explore a new social circle, find new friends, or even accept that invitation for coffee. The more hugot posts on FB, the more you are focused on the negative side of love. Whether it be with another person, or your own, happiness and fulfilment will come. Believe!“It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

5. May naiwang One True Love sa Pinas

But he/she doesn’t know it. Saklap. Di ka kasi umamin bago umalis. Malay mo diba?We’ve heard of people rekindling a love lost or building a new relationship when they visit home. There’s always a high chance for love when there’s already a friendly foundation and history.Message mo na si crush from high school, dali!

6. Takot kasi baka may asawa/SO pala sa Pinas si manliligaw/nililigawan

Nakakadala yung mga kwentong ganito.Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, they say. Even if chismis is bad, most of the time, this is the only way victims learn of the truth behind the sweetness and romance. Some people are just too good at pretending to be who they’re not. Maybe it’s the loneliness of being away, and the freedom they’re finally achieving abroad? There is not one excuse that gives rationale to such behavior and lies. Cheating is cheating. Ingat mga kapatid!


7. Hindi ka pala talaga single (le gasp!)

These are the people #6 have to be wary of, really. Alam ba ng nanay mo yan?


Ikaw? Bakit single ka (pa rin)?

– Macy


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