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BC Couple Wins $25.9M Lotto Max Jackpot


They say it’s really more about the chances and probability but the very rare chances of winning the lotto is better off to be explained as luck.

The sheer luck of a husband and wife from Merritt, B.C. winning Friday night’s $25.9-million Lotto Max jackpot has left them in disbelief.

George Munro and Rowena Inyallie stopped at the Courtesy Corner Market to get some juice and a chocolate bar when Munro decided to buy a $6 lotto ticket that ended changing their lives forever.

“This win comes at a perfect time as I was just thinking there’s no way I can do my job for another 20 years,” Monro said. “It’s really physically demanding. I’ve let work know I can stay on until they find a replacement.”

The couple already has plans for how they will be spending the money. They bought a new Ford F-350 pickup truck and a Ford Shelby Mustang. They plan to fund an early retirement. They also plan to renovate their house and help out friends and family.

The couple wasn’t the only lucky ones during Friday’s draw. One lottery player in Ontario matched six out of seven winning numbers and won about $320,000, and there were 65 winners of $5,200.

Funny thing about luck is that it is always a surprise!

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