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Benefits of International Students in Canada


Student Visa is one path to consider if a person wants to go to Canada. There are so many International Students here in Canada from all over the world. Here are some advantages or benefits of studying here:

  • You can bring your family – International students can bring their family with them during their studies. Their spouse or common-law partner is eligible for an open work permit. Their children can study in Canadian primary or secondary schools without the need for a study permit.


  • Open Doors to becoming a Permanent Resident – If you are not qualified for an immigration program, studying in Canada can help you become an eligible candidate for permanent residence.


  • Opportunity to Work while Studying – International students in Canada have the option to work part-time during their studies. This can include both on and off-campus work for up to 20 hours a week, helping them to finance their education. During scheduled breaks throughout the year, such as winter or summer break, their study permit allows them to work full-time up to 30 hours a week.


  • Opportunity to Work after Graduation – Once International Students have completed their studies, they are now eligible to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP). This open work permit allows recent graduates to stay in Canada and seek employment anywhere in the country. If they choose to stay in Canada through a Post-Graduation Work Permit, their family is eligible to stay in the Country as well.

Here are also some things to consider of being an International Students here in Canada:

  • Studying in Canada is very expensive they will need lots of money.
  • International Students need to buy their own Health Insurance for them and their staying family.
  • Part-time jobs are not as easy as it seems. It cannot pay tuition fees for working part-time.
  • If International Students do not plan it well, the University program that they took might not be in-demand or eligible for Immigration Programs.
  • Sometimes, it is hard to get a Post-Graduation Work Permit or probably depending on the location.

If you are interested in getting a Student Permit in Canada check this link –> Canada.Ca. 


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