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Most Used 2016 April Fools Day Tricks by Pinoys in Canada


Truly, majority of the Filipinos did not missed the opportunity to celebrate April Fools day even if they are miles away from their home country. This is not because they are certified trickster that keep on confusing people but it is because they are humorous enough to make their friends and loved ones’ lives happier and more exciting. Here are some of the most amazing, shocking and surprising April Fools Day Prank that lightened up everybody’s day! 🙂

#1 Finally! I will be having my vacation in the Philippines! 🙂
This post garnered 144 likes from his friends and family that seems so excited to see him back in his hometown.


#2 Positive! Being pregnant is truly a blessing from God.
This is one of the most eye catching post you will ever see. She will surely been receiving bunch of Congratulations from her Facebook friends.


#3 This is it! I’m Engaged!
Having your most awaited destined man will absolutely make your life complete. Especially when you are wearing your engagement ring (not necessarily a diamond ring) reminds you that you will spend the rest of your life with your one and only true love.


#Happy Birthday to me!
This is the most effective prank you might encounter. She changed her birthday profile to April 1 so Facebook sent her birthday notification to all of her friend that made them greeted her a Happy Birthday. However, she was also surprised by Facebook because she cannot change it back to her real birthday right away.


#5 Viral Jollibee
Your very own did not missed the chance to join everyone in welcoming April Fools Day.
This trick gathered 100,000 views and 10k likes or share in less than 24hours. The overwhelming response shows that Filipinos really miss Philippine’s Famous Giant Bee.
Bida ang Sarap! 🙂


How about you, What is your April Fools Day Prank? You can leave a comment and let’s try to compile it.


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