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Save the Date! Opportunities For Pinoy Nurses in MidEast, US, and UK, Free of Charge

As of May 2016, it was reported that around 200,000 Pinoy registered nurses were unemployed due to lack of openings in both private and government hospitals forcing them to work in non-health related jobs. Since then, another 13,000 registered nurses joined the workforce pool. Despite the increase in registered nurses, the Nurses Deployment Program (NDP) announced that it reduced the number of hired nurses by 6,970 in 2017.

Fortunately, good news has finally come as more opportunities for Pinoy healthcare professionals, including nurses, will be available in Middle East countries, United States, and United Kingdom in the years to come starting with 500 openings for 2017. Informa Life Sciences, a known events and exhibitions organizer who have helped employ 150,000 healthcare professionals worldwide, was the one who revealed the opportunity.

“We have had great success in organizing the Healthcare Recruitment and Training Fair in Abu Dhabi, and wanted to carry this forward into select markets abroad. The Philippines is one of the top exporters of nurses worldwide, making it an ideal location for international hospitals to source and recruit staff,” said Simon Page, managing director at Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions.

Informa Life Sciences announced that they will be launching their first event in Manila called Healthcare Recruitment Philippines on July 27-28, 2017 at Marriott Hotel. All healthcare professionals aspiring for opportunities abroad may go to the event free of charge. They will get a chance to be interviewed by 30 leading hospitals from the Middle East, US and UK.

The hospitals participating in Healthcare Recruitment Philippines will be looking for nurses from different specializations ranging from in-patient, ambulatory, and intensive care. In addition to recruiting nurses, these hospitals will also be giving opportunities to healthcare administrative staff, clinicians, and other allied health professionals such as dietitians, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, and diagnostic radiographers.

While it was mentioned that the openings will be limited to 500 positions in 2017, it can be expected that more openings will be available in the coming years due to expected shortages in healthcare professionals abroad.

  • The Dubai Health Authority has estimated that Dubai will need 7,323 doctors and 8,510 nurses over the next decade.
  • The Abu Dhabi Health Authority has estimated that it will need 4,800 doctors and 13,000 new nurses by 2022.
  • The American Nurses Association has estimated that the United States will need one million registered nurses by 2020. Furthermore, they added that more opportunities will be available by 2030 due to the increase in people with obesity, diabetes, and other multiple chronic conditions.
  • Experts from the United Kingdom has estimated that they will be needing 15,000 nurses in the near future partly due to the British departure from the European Union which forced European nurses to return to their home countries.

Make sure to grab this opportunity. Spread the news and share this article to help all the Pinoy nurses.

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