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BREAKING NEWS: Jollibee Scarborough will Open tomorrow, April 1st!

Story By: Tita Zali

Finally, Jollibee Scarborough is set to open tomorrow, 1st April 2018 at the early hour of 7:00 am. It’s true and not an April fools. The fast-food chain is anticipating lineups starting the night before based on past openings in Jollibee Winnipeg. And here in Scarborough, the first customer in line will receive a free Jollibee doll and “they said” a one-year supply of Jolly Crispy Chicken. Wow, so lucky, I wonder who that person will be and what is her or his story.

Jollibee Scarborough is located at 15 William Kitchen Road, everyone will be treated to welcome remarks and a countdown to the opening with balloons, confetti, and festive music before they finally enter Toronto’s very own Jollibee for the first time.

Here’s a video of Jollibee packing his way to Scarborough.


Tita Zali

Writer and Host at Filipino Portal in Canada
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