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Canadian Girl Married Online Pinoy Lover

Being in a Long Distance Relationship (LDR) is really hard. Aside from the time difference and distance, other factors can challenge the couple and the trust between them. They say most of LDRs fail but there are those special cases that work and actually end up in marriage. We actually have a proof that an LDR story that defeated all the odds to prove love can be forever exists.
Technology play a huge role in our lives nowadays especially in our personal relationships. There are people who have had experiences meeting other people online. Some of them actually led to romantic relationships. It might not be a common knowledge but there is a great number of people online who actually invest feelings to people they see on their phone screens.
Canada and the Philippines are over 8,000 miles apart. Despite the distance, serendipity brought a Canadian girl and a Filipino guy together! Canadian Elodie Pelletier got in touch with Romel Sindol from the Philippines through a simple friend request on Facebook in November 2009. No one would have expected that one friend request would change their lives, even their dating status.
In the duration of three years, they remained online friends which later blossomed into a romantic relationship even though they have never met in person. They have always kept in touch through Skype, MSN chat and Facebook. Their status being in a long distance relationship became a challenge just like others but the couple always tried to work on their differences.
On Jan. 5, 2012, Elodie decided to visit her boyfriend. She flew to the Philippines to finally meet Romel in person. Upon meeting each other in person at the General Santos City International Airport, Elodie and Romel both knew that they were finally in the arms of the love of their life. During Elodie’s visit, the couple enjoyed every moment and had a wonderful time together. After a short while, it was time for Elodie to go back to Canada. Elodie and Romel still remained as couple and continued their communication online.
A year and a half later, Elodie came back to the Philippines not for a short vacation but to finally say “I do.” Together with her parents, she travelled to the Philippines to marry Rommel. Her parents were right there to support her, of course.
Love can be found in unexpected circumstances. It is up to you if you are willing to take a chance and find it. For all hopeless romantics out there, check your Facebook friend requests, the one for you might just be there waiting for you to accept the request.

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