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Editor’s Pick: Australia vs Canada

In our previous post, we compared Canada and Singapore and since then we received a lot of requests to compare Canada and Australia. Luckily, I have a friend when I was still in Singapore who migrated to Australia in 2014, the same year I migrated to Canada. Now let’s see …

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British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program launches a new initiative supporting the B.C.’s Technology Sector called BC PNP Tech Pilot. This new program is looking for aspiring immigrants and attracts more workers and graduates in the technology sector to the province. Based on the Canadian province’s need, they have identified 32 …

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List of Licensed Recruiters to get Foreign Workers for Employers in Canada

If you are planning to apply in the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program, one major requirement is to have a Job Offer from a designated employer in an Atlantic province like New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, or Prince Edward Island. But how can you find an Employer from a …

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Express Entry Step 2: Language Test

Originally posted on https://krisntellblog.wixsite.com/ This is the continuation of the Canada Immigration Series: Express Entry. Previous Post: Express Entry Step 1: Check your Eligibility The Language Test is on e of the eligibility requirements in Express Entry. Since Canada is a bilingual country, you need to have a language test …

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Express Entry Step 1: Check your Eligibility

This is originally posted on https://krisntellblog.wixsite.com/ I’ve joined a lot of Facebook groups and forums related to immigrating to Canada. And always, a lot of people would say “I want to come to Canada. What is the first step?” Here’s my answer, Step 1: Check your Eligibility. Step 1A: Come to …

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