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New Year’s Eve in Canada and Philippines

  New Year’s Eve supposed to be welcomed with at least a bang of drums or Baby Rockets attached to broomsticks.In Canada, the only noise that will drive away evil spirits in this house is the whir of the heater in the laundry room. No elaborate fireworks display, no loud …

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Uber coming to more Canadian Cities

UPDATES: Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft approved by City Council, their services will begin on March 01, 2018. Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are coming into the Winnipeg’s market. They will be able to operate alongside taxis in Winnipeg as early as March 01, 2018 as part of a …

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Jollibee Makes Winnipeg Feel More Like Home

♫ “I’m your friend, I’m Jollibee, your jolly friendly Jollibee”♫ plays on repeat at the newest Jollibee branch in Winnipeg. Yes, that’s right! The second Jollibee store in Canada is also the second Jollibee store in Winnipeg. Winnipinos (Winnipeger-Filipinos) rejoice! As more and more Filipinos move to Winnipeg, it is somewhat …

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How to Manage Conflict

    I felt I lived in a world where people, who are overly aggressive, usually are the first heads that will roll in any professional setting. Be it in the political arena or in the workplace, aggressive people usually don’t last long. In my many years of experience dealing …

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