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Visiting Lola passes away, Insurance Expired, Asking for Assistance

Grandparents have genuine love for their grandkids. It is to the extent that they can fly thousands of miles away from home just to take care of them. This commonly happens to Filipino families residing abroad who don’t have anyone else to help them take care of their kids while …

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Just Curious: Top Selfie Spot In Winnipeg

We, Pinoys, love our photos. We basically take photos of everything, especially of ourselves. According to Time.com, the selfiest city in the world is in the Philippines. When we go out to eat or when we go to places for a vacation, we take selfies. This is something we all …

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Why OFWs Should Avoid Using Tourist Visa for Work

  Finding a good-paying job in the Philippines is difficult. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are known as modern day heroes because of their courage and bravery to live and work abroad even if it means being away from their families. Unfortunately, while there are a lot of Filipino work abroad …

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