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Changes in the Process of Application Intake to MPNP


As discussed in my last post a few weeks ago, the province of Manitoba will reopen the Skilled Worker Overseas Stream in April 30, 2015. And as it opens it’s application intake, MPNP also introduced changes in to the way it manages application. In their website,, they have published the details and procedures of the new approach to application management for MPNP.

Here’s how I understand it …

Starting April 30, in order to apply to MPNP, all skilled workers who are interested to apply to MPNP must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and they must receive an advise from the MPNP to apply. Submitting an EOI is the first step to immigration to Manitoba as a Provincial Nominee, However, submitting an EOI should not be misconstrue as an application, an EOI is the applicant’s indication that he/she would like to be considered for a nomination. There is no fee to pay in submitting this.

A person who is eligible under one of the MPNP application streams, can submit an EOI. He/She completes a series of questions online and is not required to upload supporting documentation at this stage. This is now the candidate’s profile. A point-based system will be used to assess and score your profile. By completing an EIO, the candidate automatically receives a score based on the information he had entered in completing a questionnaire.

The applicants, profile will be placed in a pool with other eligible candidates. Candidates’ profile will be ranked according to several factors set by MPNP. The highest-scoring candidates in the pool will be invited to provide a full application to the MPNP.

The candidates will be assessed based on 6 factors which will ensure of the candidate’s ability to become economically successful in Manitoba and will demonstrate his/her long-retention in Manitoba, these factors include:

FACTOR 1: LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY. Points will be awarded based on the official test results of an approved language test, points are based on individual Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) band scores for Reading Writing, Listening and Speaking. 

FACTOR 2: AGE. Points are based on your age at the time your Expression of Interest is submitted to the MPNP. 

FACTOR 3: WORK EXPERIENCE. Points are calculated based on the candidate’s number of years of full-time work experience. Only full-time jobs of six months or longer will be considered. Additional points for licensing are only awarded to those candidates who are working in professions or trades that require licensing in Manitoba and have completed all necessary steps to be able to seek employment in Manitoba.

FACTOR 4: EDUCATION. Points are calculated based on the highest level of education the candidate has completed at a recognized education institution.

FACTOR 5: ADAPTABILITY. Adaptability points are calculated based on the type of connection in Manitoba that the candidate has. All candidates must have at least one type of connection to the province. Even if the candidate has more than one connection factor, only the connection factor that gives him the highest score will be considered. 

FACTOR 6: RISK ASSESSMENT. Points are calculated based on any connections that the candidate may have to other parts of Canada. 

A candidate’s profile will be valid for one year from the day it was submitted. Once it expires, a new IOE needs to be submitted to be considered again.   Any false or misleading information provided in the EOI may be considered as misrepresentation, if this happens, the application could be refused and the applicant will ban from applying to the MPNP for a period of 2 years.

MPNP will regularly draw from the pool according to the MPNP Ranking Points system (using the 6 factors enumerated), the highest-scoring EOIs candidates drawn in each of the MPNP’s application streams, Skilled Workers in Manitoba and Skilled Workers Overseas will receive a Letter of Advice to Apply (LAA).

The candidate who receives a LAA has 60 days to submit a complete application to the MPNP and must be able to provide proof of the information that he/she provided to MPNP in his/her EOI. The LAA will inform the candidate what will be the next step, he/she will be given instructions to have access to the full application by using the same account that he/she created when he/she submitted his/her EOI.

To create your Government of Manitoba account and submit your EOI, please visit this site

Aside from the implementing the use of EOI pool, Manitoba is also introducing a Procedural Fairness process to make it easier for applicants to the MPNP to respond to concerns with their application. Through this process, applicants will have the opportunity to respond to and address any concerns about their application before a final decision is made,

For more information about the how these new MPNP procedural systems work, I suggest to all interested parties to visit MPNP’s official website.

DISCLAIMER:  The author is not in anyway connected with CIC or MPNP, is not an immigration consultant by profession, any information or update shared on this site are information gathered from news update from various resources.


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