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LOOK: Close to 34,000 jobs needed in Alberta


The Numbers

Close to 34, 000 workers are needed in Alberta as the economy starts to pick up. In their third-quarter report in 2017, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business finds out that there is 2.2 percent vacancy rate or 33,900 vacant positions across Alberta that are yet to be filled.

“The trend is consistent across Canada. 361,700 jobs are unfilled, which is the highest number of unfilled private sector jobs ever recorded.  British Columbia has the highest job vacancy rate percentage at 3.4 percent or 60,000 jobs. Ontario has the emptiest job spaces with 149,600,” My Grand Prairie Now reports.

‘Skilled Workers Reluctant to come back’

Jason Gillespie, who operates Pathfinder Recruitment Group, said, “A lot of people aren’t wanting to take risks right now, because of the risky nature in Alberta, or at least that’s the perception,”

He says it seems skilled workers left Alberta when the recession hit and are still reluctant to come back, according to CBC News Calgary.

‘Not Yet There’

CFIB top economist Ted Mallett said the numbers show that business is thriving in Alberta.

“But there’s still a long way to go before it gets back to where things were in 2014,” he said.

Amber Ruddy, the group’s Calgary spokeswoman was quoted saying some companies that let go of valuable employees are finding it hard to replace them, making that recovery a steeper climb.

“We did go through difficult times and we’re not anywhere near the boom levels,”

Two years ago, Alberta was reeling from a recession as the unemployment soars at 30.6 and 52,000 jobs lost never seen in 22 years

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