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Most Common Jobs for Immigrants in Canada and How to Level it Up!


What lies ahead for Newcomers in Canada? What are the most common jobs for Immigrants? Ever wonder the pay scale for those jobs?

For those who are new in Canada, they might not have the idea of the jobs of the rich, middle and the poor. The urgent need to have a job after landing here are the first priority of most immigrants. The following are the most common jobs they find immediately:

#10 Office Clerk/ Secretary

#9 Bartender/Server/Service Crew

#8 Social Worker/Early Child Care Worker

#7 Library Clerk/Tutor/Education Assistant

#6 Sewing Machine Operators/Retail Sales Clerks

#5 General Labor/Production Worker/Janitor

#4 Housekeeping Aide/Babysitters/Nannies

#3 Line Cooks/Cook/Chef Technicians

#2 Cashier/Retail Associates

#1 Nursing Aide/Home Support Aide

Is the pay okay? Let us assume the workloads are full time with 40 hours a week, most of the jobs are part-time. According to the Statistics Canada, those jobs above earn $12000-$30000 per year.  The average Canadian wage is approximate $50,000 per year and per person. It means that those jobs fell in the low-income bracket.  But remember that the Canadian Government provides financial aids for the low-income earners.  Therefore, low-income families can still cope up with a decent kind of living.

Depending on our lifestyle, there will come a time that we will dream more and seek financial growth. The first question is how?

Immigrants need to improve their skills by acquiring Canadian experience, training, and education. If they don’t want to be in an entry level or survival jobs forever, they must invest in education here in order to obtain a high paying field.  The next job category below has $30,000-$50,000 per year.

#10 Sales Representatives

#9 Administrative Assistant/Office support

#8 Fast food Manager/Retail Sales Supervisor

#7 Customer Service/Call Center Agents

#6 Grocery Department Managers

#5 Health Care Aide/Nursing Attendants

#4 Financial Sales Supervisors

#3 Transit/Truck Drivers (Entry Level)

#2 School Teachers (Entry Level)

#1 Clerk/Secretary

If you would like to upgrade more your financial status, here is the $50,000-$100,000 job category. This is the middle class. You might like to research their requirements to become eligible to this field. Some of them do not require a degree. Just a certain exam and pieces of training.

#10 Technical Support Analyst/IT Professional

#9 Firemen/Police Officer

#8 Project Coordinator/Office support

#7 Clerks / Secretary

#6 Data Analyst/Software developers

#5 Bookkeepers/ Accountant

#4 Transit/Truck drivers

#3 Elementary Teachers

#2 Registered Nurses

#1 Senior Manager

As you noticed, the secretarial jobs vary its pay. Why? For example, you got an entry level job Clerk I in the government of Canada. You will have the opportunity to be a Clerk II and Clerk III as the years went by. And your paychecks level up as well.  Same goes to other laddered occupations. By this analysis, we can plan our career path here.

My advice, we have to be content with what we have right now in order not to be stressed out. But if there will be a better job opportunity and you think that will be your work passion, grab it. It is still free to dream and to aim high.

These figures are for the low-middle class only. What about the upper class? What are their jobs? Can Immigrants belong to Upper Class as well? Of course! I will show you the common jobs of the rich next time.

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