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An Easy Way to Immigrate to Canada




Everybody is looking for an easy way to immigrate to Canada.  Although the easiest ways are really not for most people but you might like to check this program and you might be qualified. This is the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. You just have to gather all your documents, apply online then wait for them to respond. Follow their instructions then in just a matter of  time they will grant you the Visa. Kindly read below for more details.




By Loreto Jimenez

 Now let us determine your eligibility.
We will start with the MPNP – Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.
Here is the link to find out more about Eligibility.…/eligibi…/eligibility-swo/

I will discuss MPNP – Skilled Worker Overseas (living outside of Canada) since I am most familiar with the process and since I love Winnipeg.

The reason for checking first your eligibility is to know right away your chances of getting approve rather than preparing all your documents and taking the IELTS in which it will cost you and in the end if you are not qualified you just wasted you hard earned money.

To be eligible you must have a total of 60 points or higher:

  1. Close relative or a Distant relative or a Friend – If none, don’t bother to apply since this is the most important requirement for MPNP.
  2. Age – the older you are, the lower your point is.
  3. Work Experience – the longer your work experience is the higher points you will have. Note that your experience should also be related to your education.
  4. Education – from Trade Certificate to Master’s Degree. Note that Education here is from Grade 1 to Grade 12 whereas in the Philippines, it is Grade 1 to Grade 6 and 4 years in High School so it is equivalent to Grade 10 only. If you finished 4 year course in the University that means your equivalent is Grade 12 plus 2 years post-secondary education.
  5. Language – first language in here is English and the second language is French. The score that you must have in IELTS (English language exam) is CLB 5, if you scored lower that 5 in one of the exam category then don’t bother to apply. CLB 5 is a must.

You can go to the link and know your equivalent points for each 5 category and your total must be 60 and up. If it is lower don’t bother to apply.

Note: If it is lower than 60, find out what is your lowest score in each category and maybe you can do something about it by improving yourself and check again until your score is 60 or more.

Now that you know if you are eligible, it is time for you to take the IELTS and remember your score must be CLB 5 in all test category. If not, don’t apply.

Once you passed the IELTS, you might want to check your Settlement Funds. Do you have the required funds?

Principal applicant = $10,000
each dependant = $2,000

So if you’re a family of 4 then your total settlement fund is $16,000.
You can use your Real Property but you need to have a government assessment indicating the value of the property. If you have a bank account, it should have at least 6 months history. Don’t use a newly opened account.

If you’re still up to it then you can fill out the online application for the EOI (Expression Of Interest). But wait, check the occupation exclusion on this link and you can again check the Eligibility for the Expression Of Interest and the lowest score currently receiving LAA  is 560 for Skilled Workers Overseas.


EOI link:…/

Once you filled up and submitted your EOI and got selected and you received the LAA or letter of invitation, you have 2 months to prepare all the necessary documents. Note that documents need to be authenticated.

  1. Transcript of Records/Diploma
  2. Certificate of Employment
  3. NBI – for Canadian Immigration
  4. Proof of Settlement Funds
  5. Passport (photocopy)
  6. Proof of relationship with your Manitoba Supporter
  7. Birth Certificate – NSO
  8. Settlement Plan 2 from your Manitoba Supporter
  9. Citizenship or PR or your Manitoba Supporter

Then the waiting game.

Next part for the Morden Manitoba Nominee – wait for Part 4.

niagara falls2
Beautiful Niagara Falls. Photo Courtesy. Tourist Spot photo contest.

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Loreto Jimenez at Life of Peg Group

Photo courtesy. Tourist Spot Photo Contest, 

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