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Editor’s Pick: 10 Reasons to Move to Calgary


Looking for a place to move to? Canada is a great country to start anew. Research properties, get a quote from K5 Mortgage, start packing, and off you go! It is a big country with great cities that have numerous opportunities. If it isn’t in your options already, consider Calgary in Alberta, Canada. If, after reading this article, you decide on moving there then make sure you find the best mortgage broker in Calgary Alberta otherwise you might not find the mortgage lenders with the most competitive interest rates. Here are 10 reasons why you should move:

1. People
The city has a population of 1.3 million people who are generally friendly Canadians. For reference, the land area is similar to New York’s but hosts only 10 percent of the Big Apple’s population. A lot of the residents are foreign-born, so you won’t be having a hard time fitting in.

2. Safe and Secured
There is a high sense of security in Calgary. The crime rate is below the national average. Can you just imagine how safe it is here?

3. Clean
Forbes named Calgary the cleanest city in the world in 2007. There is less air pollution and traffic congestion compared to other Canadian cities. There is also great water availability and drinkability, waste removal services and quality of sewage systems.

4. Sunny
For Pinoys who will be coming from a tropical country, Calgary is definitely the place to be. It sunniest major city in Canada with about 2,300 hours of sun per year. There are at least 85 days a year with temperatures of 20 degrees or more.

5. Winter
Since there are four seasons here, Calgary is also perfect for those who love winter climates. The average snowfall is 50 inches and there are on average 88 days with snow every year. January is the coldest month of the year which will be at about -30°C.

6. Places and Activities
There are plenty of attractions to choose from. First of all, the Heritage Park has a great history about Western Canada. Also, the Calgary Zoo has over 1,000 animals, a prehistoric park, and a botanical garden. Last but not the least, the Canada Olympic Park where you can do numerous outdoor activities, such as biking, miniature golf, wall climbing, and skiing in the winter.

7. Calgary Stampede
The Calgary Stampede is one of the greatest outdoor shows in the world. It’s a 10-day event every July, since 1912. There are rodeos, parades, concerts, various competitions, and exhibitions that more than a million visitors come to see and experience.

8. Low Property Taxes
It is easy to own a property around here. Calgary actually has a high rate of home ownership among other Canadian metropolitan areas. This is because the property taxes are significantly low in this city.

9. Stable Economy
Among all the cities in Canada, Calgary has one of the most stable economies. It is mostly dominated by petroleum industry, agriculture, high tech, and tourism. The economy is also driven by the low taxation. Did you know that there is no provincial sales tax here? You only pay 5% tax on Goods and Services. Calgary’s economy has shifted from “Recession” to slow “recovery” and poised to grow this year after 2 years of decline.

10. Job Opportunities
With stable economies comes great job opportunities. Calgary has a low unemployment rate with most people working in the oil and natural gas industries. A number of people from other Canadian provinces even moved to Calgary because of this especially back then when the oil and mining industries started booming.

Now that you know more about the city, you will have to include it in your options. These are great reasons to move but are these enough to make you move? Maybe yes, maybe not.


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