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Editor’s Pick: 5 Most Stable Jobs in Canada


Most Pinoys move to Canada for a better life. First thing they do as they settle in is to look for a job. When in a new environment, especially with a different culture, one would look for any job. That is why there are the survival jobs. These survival jobs are only good during your transition period. After several months, maybe a year or two, one would be considering to get a secure job that is full-time and good paying.

In Canada, like in other countries, job security varies at a relatively rapid pace. Corporations having the option to outsource certain types of jobs, employees in any sector of the economy feel threatened. With most people looking for stable jobs where they feel secured and that pay well, further studies and training are being considered more and more today. Let us look at the most stable jobs in the country today.

1. Teachers/Educators

This is the most stable job in Canada. Moreover, being a teacher is one of the most respected and rewarding occupations. Part of the benefits of being a teacher are job security, extended periods of holidays like summer breaks, attractive salary and pension.

2. Accountants

This job is perceived as hectic and daunting more than it really is. It may be so but it is one of the stable occupations, not just in Canada but in the world. Every company, no matter the size, needs accountants so there is a great opportunity for you if you have an accounting background. Put yourself in the best possible position for an accounting job by signing up with staffing agencies who will be able to further understand your skill set so they can match you with the job of your dreams. They will also be able to help you get an idea of what employers could be looking for. Canadian employers actually prefer people with an advanced accounting degree and extensive experience.

3. Government Employees

Being in the public service is one of the most stable, secure, and fulfilling occupations. Most Canadians aim to get Government office positions because aside from getting satisfaction for serving the public, they get to enjoy amazing benefits. There are more than 450,000 people work in the Canadian public service.

4. Electricians or Plumbers

Trade jobs, such as electricians and plumbers, are highly in demand in Canada. In order to become one, it will take you some years of apprenticeship but after that, you will start reaping the benefits. This occupation is very stable and the benefits are excellent, including an attractive salary. After all, everyone suffers issues with their plumbing so plumbers ridgewood will always have jobs to do.

5. Nurses

With the continuous expansion of the Canadian heathcare system, both male and female nurses are highly in demand in Canada. Nursing is a noble and very gratifying occupation as helping patients provides satisfaction to the nurses. If you are a registered nurse, licensed nurse, or registered practical nurse, you are in luck because Canada embraces people having a nursing background.

The jobs on this list mostly require further studies or additional experience which means a lot of work and time are needed. Therefore, if you are considering any of these jobs, you are recommended to decide early on so you can take the proper requirements and acquire the degree or certificates needed without delays.

However, there are other stable jobs out there. If you are not up for any of the jobs on this list, it is your task to look for them and work hard to get them. It will surely be worth it. Best of luck!

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