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Editor’s Pick: 9 Reasons You Should Never Go to Canada


Do you dream of going to Canada?

Canada isn’t a bed of roses, if I may burst your bubble.

And as they say, even roses have thorns… and a lot of them.

So, if you’re thinking of living in Canada and expecting only the good life here, rethink. In today’s blog, I’d like to highlight the major reasons you should never go to Canada.

#1 Never go to Canada if you have high career expectations but you’re afraid or unprepared to start from scratch.

These include those who are unprepared or unwilling to be flexible in job roles or change their job profiles.

This is the major concern of first-time immigrants to Canada.

Canada values Canadian experiences but even if you had an executive position in other countries, it doesn’t mean you’re getting the same immediately.

As more often, Canadians consider a lower salary or position compared to one’s previous job from overseas. They also consider culture fit, adaptability, and certifications besides everything else.

Did you know that some immigrants start with menial jobs even if they’re former managers? The reality is, you need to start from scratch even if you were a manager. You need to work in operations, gain Canadian experience, and climb your way up slowly!

That’s how it is.  So, it’s like, “Hey, I may not be a manager now, but I enjoy the process.  Surely, I’ll get to that managerial role in time.”

#2 Never go to Canada if you’re expecting to earn huge money fast.

Yes, you’d be making Canadian dollars, but it’s the same currency that you’d be spending for all your expenses.

And yes, you could work in at least two jobs, but more jobs also mean more taxes to pay – as your income grows.

Although there are Canadian cities where the cost of living (COL) is more affordable than the rest, most cities still have high COL.  Much of a worker’s salary goes to pay for house rent, mortgage, utility bills, and car maintenance/repairs/mortgage.

#3 Never go to Canada if you can’t stand winter.

Not everyone can stand winter.  That’s why if you’re not strategic enough, winter will be a major challenge that will affect your life here.

Temperature can go as low as -40 degrees at the very least; winter also lasts for seven months in some cities, meaning only five months with fair weather. It also means not being able to go out often. So, if you don’t think you can live with winter, consider another country where to migrate.

#4 Never go to Canada if you’re easily homesick.

Now on to our #4 reason not to go to Canada.   As I said, long winters can be a challenge. Much more for people who can easily miss their family or be homesick.

Coming here isn’t cheap, remember? The ticket from Canada to the Philippines is very expensive. It only means that you cannot go home to your family often.

Although technologies and apps can bridge the gap, let you communicate, and get in touch with your family, you still need to be strong to battle homesickness.

#5 Never go to Canada if you aren’t a risktaker and you want to play it safe.

Back home, you might already have been a stable career person. This is something you’ll risk if you go to Canada and live here. So, in this case, it may help to take a risk assessment before anything else. The same goes regardless of where you’re going. Remember that.

That is, it’s uneasy to fight in a battle unprepared. You’re more likely to lose than win without a clear strategy in mind, right?

Prepare – emotionally, mentally, and physically. After all, you won’t win in anything without a plan and preparation. Yes, you might stumble with the roadblocks you’ll meet along the way, but provided you stand up and keep going, you’ll finally get to where you want to be after all your sacrifices.

#6 Never go to Canada if you’re unwilling to adapt to a different culture.

Canada is diverse. A large portion of this country is made up of immigrants from different countries and of origins. So, if you think that dealing with or being around them would be an issue, Canada may not be the best place for you and much more if you can’t socialize effectively.

#7 Never go to Canada if you only want stable government support.

Don’t go to this country if you expect money coming into your pocket monthly.

Yes, you can get government support, but you need to qualify for certain criteria.

Besides, it’s always and should be a give-and-take relationship.

#8 Never go to Canada if you’re unwilling to do household chores.

Yes, this is still an issue here, and why not? A lot of us grew up with house helpers. Some even have a cook. And after all, our parents and siblings are there, too.

Here, you do it on your own because getting house help is expensive. Thus, you’re still the one to do the household chores after work.  So, if you don’t think you can live with this kind of setup, don’t go to Canada.

#9 Never go to Canada if you easily give up.

The application itself to be accepted here isn’t easy. But then the difficulty of not keeping up with a job you’re not used to doing, you give up. (

Adjustments here can last only for three years. Be patient.  Always remember why you come here in the first place.

This post aims to help you prepare before coming here. Some of the reasons might be pretty obvious but relatable. Please comment with respect.

At the end of the day, I wish nothing but the best for you and your family and pray that in time and God’s Grace, you’ll be with them soon.

PS: If ever you visit the Greater Vancouver Area and you’re alone, let me know, and we’d go hiking 😊


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