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Editor’s Pick: The Struggle is Real

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First W – Finding our own place at Watt Street
After a month of staying at our relatives’ place, my wife and I moved to our own apartment. Without a permanent job, it was tough paying the bills without a stable source of income. We moved to Watt street and that was our first W.

Second W – Landing a job at Walmart

Accepting where I was at that time, I tried my luck at getting a job at Walmart. I had given up on Engineering jobs because those are regulated jobs. I was lucky enough tp land a job at Walmart where I met my Filipino friends and everyone there comes from different fields. I actually believe that Walmart has the biggest highly skilled pool of employees in Canada. Some of those cashiers used to be Accountants. Some of the staff arranging the canned goods used to be Civil Engineers. Other staff taking care of the meats/fish sections used to be Nurses. At the Produce sections, some of the staff were Pharmacists. The other guys who work as janitors were professional teachers. Need I say more?

I was lucky yo have a decent job but working one job is just enough to pay the bills. All of my coworkers at Walmart or most of them, they have other jobs. Yes, $11.15 per hour is Php70,000 for a month and you would think that is more than enough. Not in Canada where you are also spending dollars. I knew I had to find another W.

Third W – Landing a job at Wawanesa Insurance Company
After three long months, I finally got by biggest break through an agency which, by the way, takes a huge cut for your pay. Because of that, it was still barely enough so I had to keep my Walmart Job. For about 6 months, I had two jobs. Luckily, after my 6th month, I got a enough increase at Wawanesa. Before reaching my first year, I became a regular employee at Wawanesa so I left my Walmart job. Captioned “I am now taking my talent to Wawanesa”

Fourth W – Winnipeg feels like home now.
Winnipeg is my home now, my friends are like family. The lifestyle here gives me a work-life balance that allows me to unwind and relax. All those struggles, made me realize a lot of things. Whatever happened before, I just charged it to experience.

Fifth W – Winning in life!
I truly feel that I am currently winning in life. I was actually hoping for a BMW to be the last W but doesn’t start with a W. Just kidding!
I am winning in life because I am with my wife and here in Canada we were able to experience all the hardships together and are now experiencing the results of our hard work and determination. We bought our own house after a year. We were able to purchase a new car to replace the old car after 2 years of driving it around. Within the last three years, we have had the chance to travel to places in Canada from BC to ON, with US tours as a bonus!

In spite of the struggles, just know that if you can strive hard and set your eyes on achieving your goal of becoming someone, Canada is the best place to do it. The best advice I can give anyone is to Lower Your Lowered Expectations.  Also, please learn from the experiences of other people and let them inspire or guide you to success.

These are the perks of being in Canada. Money is not a problem here, banks will be more than willing to grant you loans. I honestly need to end this though, maghahanap pa ako ng pambayad namin dyan! LOL

Here are some lessons learned after reading this article:
True, it is easy to get a job in Canada as long as you’re not picky. You can resign today then start a new job tomorrow.
True, a lot of the Professionals from the Philippines are in Canada working at jobs that is out of their fields.
True, most Immigrants start in survival jobs such as jobs at fastfood chains or retail chains.
True, learn to control your emotions and know when to lower the pride in your heart.
True, you need to research, research and research so more before you land in Canada.
True, you should have a Plan A, a Plan B, a Plan C, and just to be sure maybe you should prepare up to Plan Z.

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