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Editor’s Pick: Top 3 Reasons Why I Love To Live In Canada!

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Time flies so fast. I’ve been here for 3 years and I wanted to share my Top 3 Reasons Why I Love To Live In Canada!
Actually, I have a very long list but I will only give you my top 3 in no particular order.
1. Four seasons
– In Canada, there are four wonderful seasons: winter, spring, summer and fall. The weather varies across Canada and it is such a wonderful thing. Every season has it upsides and downsides, challenges and advantages. You know the feeling that you won’t be bored because you are looking forward for something new every few months bringing you 4 different perspectives of the environment that you live in in a year, exciting isn’t? However, i have to be biased and say that the season of pumpkin spiced starbucks, hipster jackets, temperate weather and drying leaves is my favourite season out of all, fall.

2. Health Care System
– For sure not everyone will agree with me on this. Some would say that even though Canada has a good health care system its not the best one in the world and through experience I would vouch that you might have to wait longer for a doctor to see you or you might need to set an appointment date a month beforehand. This is all because health care in Canada is FREE which means that there are a huge volume of people that are accessing this privilege day in and day out and as a way for the government to accomodate everyone, they place each medical case in terms of “importance”. It all depends on your ailment, if it is an emergency they will put you first. However, some might see this as an unpleasant way of medical care but for me, all these negatives are still outnumbered by the word “FREE”. Whenever and whatever illness you have that requires medical treatment, you do not have to worry about the financial burden.

3. The People
– This time, I’m pretty sure everyone will agree on this. Canadians are one of the most friendliest people in the world! (To date, I have been in 10 countries already so I could probably say that I’ve met a pretty good number of different people) I mean, how many times do you hear a Canadian say “sorry” for a small thing? I can certainly say that that’s their favourite word. Did you also know that one of their province is dubbed as FRIENDLY MANITOBA, where I actually belong. Canadians are really kind hearted and genuine.
 How about you, what do you like about Canada? See you in the comment section. #JONATS

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