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HOAX ALERT: Visa-FREE stay up to 90 days for Filipinos Visiting Canada


A recent news post has been circulating on Facebook regarding the Visa Policy of Canada for Philippine Nationals. have released an article, “Canada Opens Its Borders To Filipino Visitors No Visa Required For Stay Up To 90 Days.”

The article states that due to the 2016 Tourist Arrivals and Receipts Report, it was recommended that Filipinos travel to Canada visa free. The said report suggests that the Philippines is the third highest contributor to Canadian Tourism. The new Visa policy is said to take effect on May 1, 2017. Aside from this, the construction of artificial tourist sites like a copy of the Eiffel Tower are to be expected. The Queen Elizabeth II Art Center will also be inaugurated as reported.

As most of the people should know, not everything on Facebook is true. The Embassy of Canada in the Philippines took it to Facebook in order to clarify this piece of news. They posted: “Fake news alert : Rumor has it that visa requirement will be lifted on May 1, 2017 for Filipinos travelling for tourism or business for up to 90 days. Our visa policy has not changed — Filipino nationals still require a visa prior to travelling to Canada.”

Pinoys would love to be able to travel to Canada without being required of a visa. However, this should not deceive us to believe this fake news. Let us be aware of our responsibility to verify the news we read and believe. This is not to say that it cannot ever be true but as of now, it is not. Hopefully, one day, this becomes real news and all Pinoys can celebrate.


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