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As I clearly remember, it was last quarter of 2011 I had a conversation with my uncle through fb

Fall 2 times, stand up 3.


Kabayan ko, kakwentuhan ko!

Principal applicant: Irene Santos Abiera
Dependent: Noel R. Abiera (Spouse)
OccupationSelf employed
Category: MPNP (Family Stream)
Relation to sponsor: Uncle (Brother of my Father)
Duration of application: 26 months

Brief history:

As I clearly remember, it was last quarter of 2011 I had a conversation with my uncle through fb and all of a sudden he ask me if I want to try to apply to Canada as provincial nominee. I really don’t know that time what it is and he doesn’t know how to explain it to me as well. He told me he had a consultant back then who fixed their papers. Instead he told me to go to his consultant office and gave me the address so I can attend their seminar and I will have an idea on what I’m applying for. I went to his consultant office and attended the seminar , it was a whole day seminar, you know what? the only thing I can understand that time is the benefits I can get if I will be approve. Maybe because I’m not paying too much attention to other details…hahahaha so to make the story short I got their service pay the prof. fee infairness to them its not that pricey and I surrender everything to them(lazy me).

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First fall:

They submit my application on march 2012. After 9 months of waiting I received an illegible letter dated November 2012 through mail, stating that I need to reapply again because I did not meet the eligibility criteria, (lacking of some important documents) I thought I was in a bad dream, but I knew that I’m awake and alive… oh my! the only words that came out on my mouth because I’m really disappointed to them and suddenly I realized that Its also my fault I did not double check everything. After that sad phase of my life, it doesn’t stop me to pursue my dream nobody can stop me to achieve it.

Second Fall:

I went to the consultant office and told them what happen they did not accept their mistake as usual. They just told me that they will push through my application and by this time they will use online application. Again I’m so trustful I believe them. On April 15, 2013 they pass my online application. While waiting for the result of my 2nd application. I discover 3 groups on fb( Manitoba BM, Provincial Nominee Program and MPNP 2013) and join all of them through an acquintance, You know what? I really learn a lot of things with this groups, almost all of the members are applying to manitoba for prov. Nominee and some of them are in Canada.. Waiting is fun with this groups, specially reading success stories. Times flies so fast, on Aug 24, 2013 after 4months of waiting I received again a familiar letter (ineligible) this time not by mail but by email. My dream collapse for the second time, I can’t think clearly. I pause for an hour and think what will I do. Then I see myself asking help to my BM’s. Most of my BM’s suggested me to reapply again, their reason is easy , its online anyway.

Stand up three:

But there is one BM who suggested me to try to email them and ask if I can just submit those lacking documents. So I take the risk and follow her suggestion wrote an email and express what I feel . I pray a lot, hoping that they will grant my request. Gracious Lord, after a couple of days they email me and they gave me a deadline to submit the lacking document . On this journey, I keep my faith, I put a lot of determination, perseverance and patience.. and I succeed.

Our timeline:

March 2012 – 1st Mail application (Paper Application)
Nov 2012 – Ineligible letter received (first)
April 15, 2013 – 2nd application: online application
Aug 24, 2013 – Ineligible letter received (second)
Aug 24, 2013 – Appeal to MPNP by email
Aug 30, 2013 – Appeal granted
Sept 6, 2013 – File reopened
Oct 23, 2013 – Sponsor’s interview
Nov. 24, 2013 – Received LOA (Letter of Approval)
Jan 6, 2014 – Sent application package to CIO
Jan 10, 2014:  Receive application package by Mike CIO
Feb 17, 2014: AOR received through mail
April 7, 2014: Medical Request/RPRF
April 15, 2014: Medical Done
April 22, 2014: Sent RPRF
May 1, 2014: In Process
May 5, 2014: additional docs NBI
May 6, 2014: Sent add docs submitted
May 7, 2014: Return RPRF kulang ung payment
May 9, 2014: Receive CEM RPRF
May 14, 2014: Medical Receive ECAS
May 28, 2014: PPR
May 30, 2014: Sent PP to CEM
June 2, 2014: CEM Receive PP
June 19, 2014: DM (Decision Made)
June 25, 2014: Visa on hand…

To God be all the Glory!


Message to aspirants:
Just keep your faith and put a lot of determination, perseverance and patience. Goodluck!

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