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Fil-Am Jo Koy Sets Record for Sold-Out Shows in Canada


Jo Koy Sets Record for Sold-Out Shows in Canada.

Jo Koy is a Filipino-American stand-up comedian. He is currently on “Break the Mold” tour performing shows in clubs and theatres.  He sold out a four-show Dec. 13-15 run at Winnipeg’s Club Regent Event Centre, setting a record for the venue.

“We only booked one night. [Now] we’re at four sold out,” Jo Koy said.

Jo Koy catches the Filipino’s attention after Netflix stream his 2017 comedy special Jo Koy: Live From Seattle.

His best-known comedic materials are his life growing up with a Filipino mom who raised them as if she was still in the Philippines and the lives of Filipino nurses in America.

This is his first Canada tour and he chose Winnipeg, Manitoba as his first destination. He pointed out that the city has the largest per capita population of Filipino people in Canada. He told the Filipinos in Winnipeg in a hilarious tone:

“Why are you here? It is freaking cold!” Jo Koy said. “This is the only place that I have seen that the outdoors are cleaner than the indoors.” (lol)

That is so true Jo Koy and so fun. One great nature of Filipinos is that we can adapt to any climate change. hahaha

He gained a massive applause and standing ovation in every show.

“I’ll give the show 10 stars! He is so funny and sincere too.” A critic said.

Jo Koy was amazed from the warmth he got from the locals and promised that he will be back in Winnipeg very soon.

You can watch some of his videos on his official website at

His next show in Canada will be on March 07, 2018 at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver, British Columbia. Hurry! Get your tickets in advance.

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