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Foreseen Changes on Canada Immigration System



The Government of Canada has launched a National Conversation on Immigration starting July 05, 2016 up to August 05, 2016. Canadians and Permanent Residents can get engaged by providing their views about what they think immigration means for the country and how it will grow through immigration. These public opinions can be submitted and written on-line. There are also consultation activities like cross-Canada round-table discussions led by the Minister and Parliamentary Secretary, stakeholder engagement by departmental official and public opinion research.

Will it bring changes to Immigration System in the near future? Based on the given questions, these may be the factors for modifications:

  1. Controlling the number of Newcomers to enter Canada annually
  2. More newcomer programs will be provided
  3. Strengthening of Business Programs to permanently hire foreign workers
  4. Marketing the Canadian values and traditions
  5. Modernization of Application Process
  6. Higher fees to expedite the process

If you would like to participate on the Public Consultation, go to CIC website or copy to your browser this

Before submitting your views, make sure that you have read and understood the given Discussion Guide on Immigration.

The following are some questions that you will encounter on the consultations:

  • Strengthening our Canadian fabric
  1. How many newcomers should we welcome to Canada in 2017 and beyond?
  2. How can we best support newcomers to ensure they become successful members of our communities?
  3. Do we have the balance right among the immigration programs or streams? If not, what priorities should form the foundation of Canada’s immigration planning?
  • Unlocking Canada’s diverse needs
  1. How can immigration play a role in supporting economic growth and innovation in Canada?
  2. Should there be more programs for businesses to permanently hire foreign workers if they can’t find Canadians to fill the job?
  3. What is the right balance between attracting global talent for high-growth sectors, on the one hand, and ensuring affordable labor for businesses that have historically seen lower growth, on the other?
  4. How can immigration fill in the gaps in our demographics and economy?
  5. What Canadian values and traditions are important to share with newcomers to help them integrate into Canadian society?
  • Modernizing our immigration system
  1. Currently, immigration levels are planned yearly. Do you agree with the thinking that planning should be multi-year?
  2. What modernization techniques should Canada invest in for processing of applications?
  3. What should Canada do to ensure its immigration system is modern and efficient?
  4. Is there any rationale for providing options to those willing to pay higher fees for an expedited process?
  • Leadership in global migration and immigration
  1. Is it important for Canada to continue to show leadership in global migration? If so, how can we best do that?
  2. How can Canada attract the best global talent and international students?
  3. In what ways can Canada be a model to the world on refugees, migration, and immigration?

What are your thoughts about this? Comment it below. We also hope that we can collect some views from Filipino Community and publish it here.


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