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Avoid the $500 Penalty! Complete the 2016 National Household Survey Now!



If you missed to complete the survey last May 10, 2016, Statistics Canada will be sending out reminders throughout May and June to households who have not yet completed the census. If you do not receive a census letter or a questionnaire, or if you have any questions, contact them here. We would like to give a friendly reminder to check and complete the questionnaire because next deadline will be on May 19, 2016.

Remember, filling out your Census questionnaire is mandatory for all residents. This includes Canadian citizens, landed immigrants, refugee claimants, and people who hold a work or study permit.

Why the 2016 is so important?

Other than it may helps the government in planning, if you fail to complete it , you could face the possibility of a $500 fine or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months, although that’s up to the judge’s discretion if it gets to that point.

Clarification: The Statistics Act includes a $500 fine or up to three months in prison for refusing to fill out the survey or providing false information. As per 2011 Census, there were between 60 to 70 reported who refused to complete the survey but no one has been been jailed for the offence.

4 Main Information about 2016 Census Canada1

  1. Statistics Canada conducts a census every five years. The census took place on May 10, 2016.
  2. Every household in Canada is included, as well as Canadians and their families who are working abroad for the federal and provincial governments, Canadian embassies or the Canadian Armed Forces.
  3. The information you provide will help ensure that the 2016 Census accurately reflects Canada’s changing society. Your responses will ensure that your community has the information it needs for planning services such as child care, schooling, family services, housing, and skills training for employment.
  4. All residents of Canada are legally required to complete the census questionnaire, according to the Statistics Act.


4 Important Facts about Statistic Act2

  1. The Statistics Act is an Act by the Canadian government in 1918 which created the Dominion Bureau of Statistics, now called Statistics Canada since 1971.
  2. The Statistics Act gives Statistics Canada the authority to “collect, compile, analyze, abstract, and publish information on the economic, social and general conditions of the country and its citizens.”
  3. To balance Statistics Canada’s extensive powers to collect information, the Act establishes the legal requirement for the agency to protect the confidentiality of respondents to Statistics Canada surveys. The legislation makes a formal commitment to respondents that the information they provide will never be released to anyone in a form that will identify them without their authorization.
  4. Citizens who refuse to participate in providing information, or who provide false information, have committed an offence under the Statistics Act under c. S-19: …information collected under the authority of the Statistics Act, R.S.C. 1985…and must be provided by law. Refusal to provide information: …are liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars or/and to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three months.


Note: If you would like to request a paper questionnaire, please call 1-855-699-2016. Enter the 16-digit secure access code printed on your letter and follow the automated instructions. A paper questionnaire will be mailed out; delivery will take five to seven business days. The paper questionnaire can then be completed and returned by mail in the envelope provided.


 2Statistict Act



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