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From Pinoy Homeless to Flying Back Home to the Philippines

Allan Par is the homeless man who built a Bahay-kubo on Omand’s Creek in Winnipeg this summer. The shack got so much attention that Allan was able to share his story of homelessness to the community.

After his story was reported by CBC, a lot of Winnipeggers has reached out to Allan in order to help him. When asked what his future plans were, he shared his desire to go back home to the Philippines. In the spirit of Bayanihan, our kababayans went over and beyond to make it possible for Allan to go home.

Dante Aviso, who is an active member of Winnipeg’s Filipino community, decided to start a GoFundMe campaign after hearing about Allan’s story. The money collected will be intended for Allan’s airfare and pocket money when he gets to the Philippines. Within a week, the campaign raised $2,580.

Allan was all smiles as he entered the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport on Wednesday. After waiting for a bit at the check-in desk, he quickly approached the gates for security check and off he went. You could see in his face the gratitude and excitement towards all the people and events that led to that moment.

Aside from the money collected from the campaign, an anonymous donor came forward with the offer of a plane ticket. This way, all the money will be Allan’s pocket money to get him started back home. The donor even sent Allan off at the airport.

According to Dante, who has been in contact with Allan’s sisters in Manila, Allan’s flight landed safely in Manila as scheduled. He was greeted by his family who he hasn’t seen since he came to Winnipeg.

Photo Credit: FB Dante Aviso

Unfortunately, moving to Canada didn’t work out for Allan but we truly wish him the best of luck back home in the Philippines.

P.S. Immigrating may not be for everybody but you really wouldn’t know unless you try.

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