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Fun and Interesting facts about Winnipeg


facts about winnipeg
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Fun and Interesting facts about Winnipeg

  • There’s a piece of road called Dr. Jose Rizal Way near the Maples area.
  • During winter, in the heart of the city, you can find the Guiness World Record longest natural frozen skating trail. The skating trail takes you along the Red and Assinaboine Rivers spanning 8.5 kilometers in length.
  • The first national museum to be located outside of the capital region, Canada’s newest museum, the Canadian Museum of Human Rights is located in Winnipeg
  • Winnipeg has the largest number of restaurants per capita in Canada. Lots of restaurants = lots of varieties! Thanks cultural diversity!
  • Winnipeg has been the Slurpee Capital of the World for 16 years in a row! Can we get it again this year? ?
  • Around the heart of downtown Winnipeg, the intersection of Portage and Main was once believed as the coldest and windiest corner in North America. Though not proven, people this to be true!
  • Winnipeg has the sunniest season in all of Canada with 358 hours of sunshine
  • The world’s largest and longest running multicultural festival, Folklorama, which features over 40 cultural pavilions are held in Winnipeg each August!
  • The Royal Canadian Mint, located in Winnipeg, does not only produce all of Canada’s circulation coins (they produce about 15 million plated coins each day) but they also make produce international currency for over 60 governments around the world!
  • The famous spy James Bond was inspired from a World War II spymaster Sir William Stephenson who, you guessed it right, was born and raised in Winnipeg.
  • Winnie-the-Pooh got his name from a black bear named Winnie who was named after Manitoba’s capital city, Winnipeg!
  • Winnipeg is the geographic centre of North America! We are the heart of the North!
  • Winnipeg’s Union Station was designed by the same architects that designed New York’s Grand Central.
  • 911 Emergency phone number was first developed in Winnipeg.
  • Winnipeg is the Christmas capital of Canada.
  • For a long time, Winnipeg was considered as the coldest city in the world with the lowest temperature ever recorded at -47.8 C (-54 F) back in December of 1879.
  • On average, Winnipeg is covered in snow for 132 days in a year.
  • Winnipeg is the 12th windiest city in Canada.
  • Love to dance? Well Canada’s oldest dance company and North America’s longest continuously operating ballet company, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, was formed in Winnipeg.
  • Know that game where they slide huge slabs of marble on ice while brushing its path? Well, Winnipeg might actually be Canada’s Curling capital.
  • Winnipeg has the greatest percentage of Filipino residents (8.7%) of any major Canadian city and the numbers are still climbing!
  • Le Cercle Moliere, Canada’s oldest continuously operating French theatre is found in Winnipeg.
  • The Winnipeg Folk Festival is one of the oldest and biggest folk festivals in the world!
  • Winnipeg is Canada’s headquarters for its grain industry.
  • Winnipeg is Canada’s top ranked city in terms of housing affordability.Do you have any other fun, weird or interesting facts about Winnipeg that you’d like to share?

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