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How to Get OFW ID Card

President Duterte approved the special ID cards for OFWs and is launched this July 12, 2017. Secretary Silvestre Bello III of Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said that under this programme, all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in the list of Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) will be given iDOLE or the OFW ID Card. We gather some frequently asked questions about this new ID and here are the answers we acquired so far.

QUESTION:  How can an OFW avail the iDOLE or OFW ID Card?

ANSWER: Go to the main office or regional office of DOLE. If you are in abroad, go to the nearest Philippine Overseas Labor  (POLO) office of your host country. Tell them that you are going to update all your information to get the OFW ID Card. Bring your Overseas Employment Certificate if necessary. If you verified that you are in the OFW roster of POEA and all your information like address is updated then you are good to have the iDOLE. They said that the ID cards will be mailed to your address but still lets wait for their further instruction.

Note: It is important that you are physically present when going to DOLE/POLO Office. Online processing and verification procedures are not yet available.

QUESTION: How can an OFW who changed their registered address as per POEA records claim the ID?

ANSWER: They can personally acquire the OFW ID thru the nearest POLO office of their host country.

QUESTION: What happens to those who changed employers and have not yet updated their information with POEA?

ANSWER: They can check their information and update it if necessary. They must coordinate with POEA or POLO for any changes. DOLE will publish the list of OFWs abroad, with their registered address as well as which POLO office to go for claiming their OFW ID.

QUESTION: Does the OFW ID have an expiration?

ANSWER: It is valid for two years from the date of issuance. The validity is indicated at the back of the card. This entitles the holder to travel tax and terminal fee exemptions.

QUESTION: When is the OFW ID official introduced?

ANSWER: It was launched by President Duterte on July 12, 2017.

According to Sec. Bello, once they have the official list of bonafide OFWs from Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), DOLE will start printing the IDs.

QUESTION: Can a former OFW be a recipient of OFW ID?

ANSWER: Yes. Former OFWs can avail the OFW ID as well, along with its benefits.

QUESTION: Are directly hired OFWs eligible to get the OFW ID?

ANSWER: Yes, direct-hired OFWs are included.

For further queries, go to DOLE/POLO Office or call them. Furthermore, you can also try to visit their website for their Office contact information https://www.dole.gov.ph/good_news. For the list of Philippine Overseas Labor Offices (POLO), please see below:


POLO Abu Dhabi

Philippine Embassy, Villa # 8, St. No. 8, Sector 94, Zone 2, Al Bateen, Abu Dhabi, UAE

polo_abudhabi@dole.gov.ph / poloauh@yahoo.com

(9712) 639-0024(DL) / 658-2889 / 639-0023


POLO Alkhobar

Philippine Overseas Labor Office, P.O. Box 94366, Riyadh 11693, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

polo_alkhobar@dole.gov.ph / polo_ero@yahoo.com

(9663)894-1846 / 894-2890, (9665) 01269742 (hotline)


POLO Australia

Philippine Embassy, No. 1 Moonah Place, Yarralumla, ACT 2600, Australia




POLO Bahrain

Philippine Embassy, Villa 939 Road 3220, Blk 334, Mahooz Area, Kingdom of Bahrain

polo_bahrain@dole.gov.ph / polobahrain@yahoo.com

(973)177-40951 / 177-21234 / 177-40139 / 177-40751


POLO Brunei Darrusalam

Philippine Embassy, Simpang 336, Diplomatic Enclave, Kampung Kianggeh Jalan Kebangsaan, Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam

polo_brunei@dole.gov.ph / Carl_Brunei@yahoo.com

(6732) 237-052 (DL) / 236-981 Hotline: 874-1972 / 883-0933


POLO Dubai

Philippine Overseas Labor Office, Beirut Street No. 35A Al Qusais 3, Community 234, , Dubai UAE

polo_dubai@dole.gov.ph / polodxb@emirates.net.ae

(9714) 220-7011 / 265-9974


POLO Geneva

Philippine Mission to the United Nations, 47 Avenue Blanc 1202 Geneva, Switzerland

polo_switzerland@dole.gov.ph / ycporschie@yahoo.com

(4122) 716-1930


POLO Greece

Philippine Embassy, 158 Sevastoupoleus St., Ambelokipi, Athens, Greece

polo_greece@dole.gov.ph / pologr8@otenet.gr

Telefax (30210) 698-3335


POLO Hong Kong

Philippine Consulate General, 14/F United Center, 95 Queensway, Admiralty, Hongkong


(852) 2823-8567


POLO Jeddah

Philippine Consulate General, Umm Al Qurah Street, Al Rehab District 3,

P.O. Box 16254, Jeddah 21464

polo_jeddah@dole.gov.ph / polo_jeddah@yahoo.com

(9662) 676-3966


POLO Jordan

Philippine Overseas Labor Office, No.6, Al Thiyabat Street, TLA Al-Ali, Amman, Jordan

(9626) 535-0169 / 535-0293


POLO Kaohshiung

MECO Labor Center, 9F-2 No. 80 Grand 50 Tower, Mintzu First Road,

San Min District, Kaohsuing City, Taiwan

polo_kaohshiung@dole.gov.ph / plckhh@ms65.hinet.net

(8867)398-2475 / 398-7078


POLO Korea

Philippine Embassy, No. 5-1 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

seoul@dole.gov.ph / polokor@kornet.net

(822)3785-3634 / 35


POLO Kuala Lumpur

Philippine Embassy, No. 1 Changkat Kia Peng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

polo_malaysia@dole.gov.ph / polokualalumpur@myjaing.net

(603) 2145-9485 / 2142-5299 / 2143-3361


POLO Kuwait

Philippine Embassy, Block 7, St 103 Villa No 44, Jabriya, P.O. Box 26288,

Code 13123, State of Kuwait


(965) 2532-5162 (DL) / 5167 / 5164 / 2534-2109 / 2534-6507 / 2534-6508


POLO Lebanon

Philippine Embassy, 1/F and 2/F Building No. 29, Plot 511, Charles Malek Avenue,

Ashrafieh Beirut, Lebanon


(9611) 204-328


POLO Libya

Philippine Embassy, Gargaresh Road, Km. 7, Hay Andalous, Tripoli, Libya

polo_libya@dole.gov.ph / tripolo_pe@lttnet.net

(21821) 483-7059 (FWRC/OWWA)


POLO London

Philippine Embassy, 6 Suffolk Street, London, SW1Y 4HG

polo_uk@dole.gov.ph / flherrera52@hotmail.com

(44207) 451-1832 / 451-1833 / 839-8039


POLO Macau (HK extension office)

Philippine Consulate General, Unit 1407, 14/F AIA Tower 251-A 301,

Avenida Commercial de Macau, Macau SAR

polo_macau@dole.gov.ph / polo_macau@postmark.net

(853) 2871-5039


POLO Madrid

Philippine Overseas Labor Office, Calle Alcala 149, 2B, 28009, Madrid, Spain

polo_spain@dole.gov.ph / nattzroma@yahoo.com / polomadrid@telenine.es

(3491) 781-8624 / 7818626 (OWWA)


POLO Milan

Philippine Consulate General, Via Stromboli 1, 20144 Milan, Italy


(3902) 435-11524 / 435-11529 loc 214/219



Philippine Embassy, P.O. Box 50420 Postal Code 115, Madeinath Qaboos, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

polo_oman@dole.gov.ph / polomuscat@yahoo.com

(96824) 605-143


POLO Unaizah

Philippine Embassy, P.O. Box 94366, Riyadh 11693, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Tel No: (9661) 480-6593

Fax No: (9661) 480-6593


POLO Qatar

Philippine Embassy, 4040 Al-Wahda St., West Bay, Doha, State of Qatar

polo_qatar@dole.gov.ph / polodoha@qatar.net

(974) 44861-220 (DL) / 44870-487 (OWWA)


POLO Riyadh

Philippine Embassy, P.O. Box 94366 Riyadh 11693, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


(9661)483-2201 to 03



Philippine Embassy, Via Delle Medaglie D’Oro, 112-114, 00136 Rome, Italy


(3906) 397-46101 / 397-51751 (OWWA) / 397-21505 (SSS)


POLO Singapore

Philippine Embassy, 20 Nassim Road, Singapore 258395

polo_singapore@dole.gov.ph / labattsg@signet.com.sg

(65) 6835-3780 / 6733-2991 / 6834-1690 / 6732-7509 (OWWA)


POLO Syria

Philippine Embassy, 56 Hamze IBM Abdul Mutaleb Street, West Mezzeh, Damascus, Syria

(96311) 612-5138 / 613-2626


POLO Taichung

MECO Labor Center, Cathay Insurance Chung Gang Bldg., 4/F, Suite 2A, Min Chuan Road cor. Taichung Gang Road, Taichung City, Taiwan

polo_taichung@dole.gov.ph / meco_plc@msa.hinet.net

(88642)302-9089 / 302-9093 (OWWA)


POLO Taipei

MECO Labor Center 11F, 176 Chang Chun Road, Chung Shan District,10479 Taipei City, Taiwan

polo_taipei@dole.gov.ph / mlctpi@ms65.hinet.net

(8862)250-79803 to 04 / 250-79812


POLO Tokyo

Philippine Embassy, 1-15-5 Roppongi Minato-Ku, Tokyo,Japan

polo_tokyo@dole.gov.ph / polotky@inter.net

(813) 5562-1573 / 5562-1574 / 5562-1600 (OWWA)


POLO Toronto

Philippine Consulate General, 161 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 801, Toronto, Ontario

M4P 1J5 Canada

atyourservice@polocanada.org / labatt@polocanada.org.

(1416) 975-8252


POLO Vancouver

Philippine Consulate General, Philippine Overseas Labor Office, 410-675

West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 1N2

(1604) 682-5770


POLO Washington D.C.

Philippine Embassy, 1600 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C. 20036


(1202) 467-9425 to 26 (DL)

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