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Good News: Schools in Canada to teach Filipino language


According to Statistics Canada based on 2018 numbers,  Alberta is home to 175,130 Filipinos, making up 4.3% of its population and it is continuously growing. In fact, Tagalog is the second-most spoken non-official language in the province.

With these in mind, some districts of Alberta have launched Filipino-centered curriculum back in March 2018 in selected schools. Under this curriculum, they have been offering Filipino language classes with courses that were locally developed. However, these schools have limited slots for students which confines the potential of the curriculum to reach more aspirants to learn Tagalog and the Filipino culture.

Fortunately, the premier of Alberta, Premier Rachel Notley, has announced that the local government is taking steps in expanding the learning opportunities for more students by developing a Filipino language and culture curriculum. As early as next year, families who want their children to enroll under the K-12 Filipino language and culture curriculum will have more options.

The K-12 Filipino language and culture curriculum will not be mandatory for all schools in Alberta. However, school authorities will have the flexibility in offering a specially designed program with the Filipino language course that will cater best to their community.

The Filipino community in Alberta feels pride in knowing that their province clearly respect and support of the government towards a culture’s diversity and heritage. More and more second generation to third generation Filipinos will now be able to take advantage of learning about their roots and their parents native tongue in school.

This is great news for Filipinos across Canada because this can be the start of a nationwide implementation. Will you enroll your kid in the new curriculum next year?


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