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HELP: How to Apply for a US Visa in Canada


Once you have settled in Canada, it is undeniable that it is very easy to go around. With a driver’s license and a car, you can go anywhere you want. As everyone know, United States of America is just at neighboring distance. The fact is, most Filipinos dream of going to USA. Raise your hand if you don’t? Of course, you do!

Most of the Filipinos arrive in Canada as a temporary foreign worker or a permanent resident. This means that you will need to get a US non-immigrant visa. Wondering how? Read on below.

Here’s how to apply for a US Visa in Canada:
1. Gather all the necessary documents and information.
– Valid Passport
– Updated Resume
– 2×2 Photo printed and soft copy
– Personal information
– Itinerary which includes the date of arrival and length of stay
– US contact information that states the place where you will stay (ex: relatives or friend’s home or hotel)
– Work information including job roles and monthly salary

2. Apply online.
– Fill up the DS-160 form for Online Nonimmigrant Visa. Here’s the link:
– Choose between Business Visitor Visas (B-1) and Pleasure, Tourism, Medical Treatment – Visitor Visas (B-2).
– Select a location to apply for this visa. There are 7 locations to choose from: Calgary, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec, Toronto and Vancouver.
– Fill up all required fields using your documents.
– Print the confirmation page with your confirmation number and photo. There is an option to print a personal copy of your DS-160 with your confirmation number and barcode or saving a soft copy but this is not required in the interview.

3. Pay the Visa Application fee.
– Go to this site link:
– Before paying, you have to create an account at the Official Visa Services of the United States of America in Canada.
– After you sign in, you can choose how to pay the US visa application fee online through different MRV fee payment options: online with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, etc.)

4. Schedule an appointment online.
– After you pay the fees, you can obtain an appointment. Choose your preferred date and schedule.

5. Go through the interview process.
– Prepare for interview.
– Make sure to be on time on the day of your scheduled interview.
– Make sure not bring any prohibited items in the U.S. Embassy/Consulate. They do not have storage facilities, so leave them at home, your hotel, or in your vehicle.
– Relax and answer the interviewer with all honest and concise answers.

Tip: Prepare to answer these questions because these are the types of questions they will ask.
– What’s the purpose of your trip to the US?
– For how long would you stay in the US?
– When are you planning to travel to the US?
– When are you planning to come back to Canada?
– Where are you traveling to within the US?
– Have you been in the US before?
– Do you have family in the US?
– What’s your current occupation/profession/job?
– What employer/company do you work for?
– What’s your monthly income?
– How do you plan to support yourself while in the US?
– Where did you learn to speak English?
– Where did you learn (or study) your occupation/profession?
– What’s your marital status?
– Where does your wife/husband live?
– Do you have family in Canada?
– Are you traveling alone to the US?
– Do you own or rent a property in Canada?
– Do you own a car?
– For how long have you been living in Canada?

These are the basic steps and tips you need to know in applying for a US visa in Canada. Hope this article was helpful. Good luck!



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