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HELP: Kabayan Undergoing Treatment, Insurance Coverage Denied Claims

Ontario, Canada: Jelic Roblo was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last August 2016. She was newly married that time and conceiving for a future family was a priority. However, her doctor suggested to do an aggressive treatment to save her life. The treatment might lessen her chances of conceiving so she had to make a decision. Before going into treatment, she decided to freeze her eggs. This way, whatever happens, she will still have a chance in conceiving. This was approved by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

She went under an operation last Septemeber 2016. It was successful but she still has to undergo a number of treatments and tests. The other expenses can surely pile up in a case like this. Fortunately, she has insurance to cover most of the other expenses. However, SUNLIFE denied her Critical Illness Claim and Canada Pension Plan is also giving her the run around. Both were stating that her freezing of her eggs is a valid reason to deny her claims among other reasons. It is sad to know that this can happen to an insurance policy holder.

Due to her illness, she is not able to work. Her husband actually came over to Canada last November under visitor visa to be able to be with her. As a visitor visa holder, he will not be able to find a job in Ontario. Their savings are going down by the day which gives her stress. This is not good fer her health.

With generous hearts, let us help with her other expenses. Any amount will help and the money will go to their expenses for hospital trips, daily needs and more. Donate to a good cause and let us help her in her fight against Breast Cancer.


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