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How To Apply as Caregiver in Canada?


With the recent changes in the Caregiver program of Canada came an influx of questions from a lot of people. Who can blame them? One of the changes announced was the issuance of open work permits for spouses/common-law partners and study permits for dependent children. This promises a lot because now, their families can accompany them to Canada without uncertainties.

The Caregiver path is known to many Pinoys. A huge number of Pinoys in Canada has worked as caregivers first and then applied for Permanent Residence once the opportunity came. As soon as they became Permanent Residents (PR), they were then given the chance to invite their families over to Canada. As PR, they will have access to a lot of opportunities. They can also hire caregivers from the Philippines and the cycle just goes on.

Of all the questions I received, the most difficult one to answer is “How to apply?” There is a lot of things we can get into when we answer this. However,  assuming that you do qualify for the Caregiver Program, read on below.

I have created a survey for all Pinoy Caregivers in Canada. I had an ample size of respondents but mostly are new caregivers and are waiting to obtain eligibility for PR. They have confirmed these possible options.

Option 1:

If you do not know anyone in Canada, don’t get discouraged. On your computer or phone, simply go on the internet, look up ‘canadianannies’, ‘prefferednannies’ and ‘jobbanks’.10% of the survey respondents were lucky enough to find jobs. Maybe you can get lucky too!

Option 2:

Truth is, 20% of jobs vacancies are posted online and 80% are posted on company bulletins or through referrals. So if you do know anyone in Canada, your friends and relatives can help you. Let them know you are looking so they can keep an eye out for you.

In fact, based on our survey among the Canada Caregiver Community (CCC), 63% of the respondents were referred by friends or hired by their relatives. Nevertheless, we had a small sample size and this was done within our group only. We do not have the official CIC data on this.

Option 3:

You can always go through an agency. A part of the respondents went through agencies. 23% of them were hired through job placement agencies and we do have the list of these agencies. This list in not in any way connected to us so please do your own research. However, let me remind you that going through an agency does not guarantee you a job placement so you really have to complete the requirements and follow the process.

Below are the list answered by our members.

If you would like to help out aspirant Caregivers, please  Enter Poll here so we can give more accurate information.

Still confused on how to start? Join our FB – CCC, the fastest growing FB group for Caregivers in Canada.

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