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[Video] How to Get Up if you are Quadriplegic


Vicky Venancio was a temporary foreign worker who came to Canada because she needed to support her parents, both of whom have health problems. One day, while biking to work, Vicky was hit by a car and was left quadriplegic. Although she was entitled to health benefits, her employer, McDonald’s, refused to give these to her, reasoning that because she was on her way to work and was not at work when she was injured, they were not responsible. Vicky was subsequently terminated and had to find other ways to get treatment. Fortunately, a University of Alberta research program allowed her to get free treatment while taking part in their research project. Without this, Vicky would have been left without any way to meet her health needs.

Vicky has also been issued deportation papers by the Canadian government. Representatives of the Canadian government said that Vicky has now become a “burden” on Canada and thus had to leave.

In this video, she’s showing how to get up without the help of others. This hope inspire and help others with the same condition.



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