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Hundreds may lose Canadian Citizenship, Resident status because of deceitful Immigration Consultant


Warning: Deceitful Immigration Consultants Lurk

Xun “Sunny” Wang, a B.C. immigration consultant, was convicted last fall of a massive fraud scheme. The Canada Border Services Agency described it as the “single largest investigation of immigration fraud” in the province’s history.

It has been said that Wang and his associates at New Can Consultants have been altering clients’ passports by sending them to China so they get stamped with fake exit and entry stamps. These stamps will show that they had spent the requisite number of days in Canada to obtain citizenship or permanent residency. Documents were falsified and fake letters of employment were made to further impression they were living in Canada when they were actually not.
Wang has 1,600 people on his client list. Hundreds of his clients are now at risk of losing their citizenship or resident status. As most of the clients claimed, they had no knowledge of the misrepresentations and alterations on their documents. However, authorities are still reviewing these cases because of the various appeals.

May this serve as a fair warning for everyone. We all want the coveted Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residence status. Please be responsible enough to monitor and, if really a must, go for licensed consultants only and not those who have been known to use false advertising to lure customers. Do your research before trusting anyone.

Over the years,  I have met foreign nationals who will believe anything they are told. Some, ot of desperation, will pay thousands of dollars to unscrupulous or ghost consultants to get what they want.  Unfortunately, this story is a perfect example to that. Canadians follow a system and it is heartbreaking to learn people fall into traps of ghost consultants who will promise them the sun and moon. If you think it is too good to be true, it probably is! Make sure you talk to credible professionals and always ask if they have a license to provide professional immigration assistance or advice. – Maria de Luna – License Immigration Consultant

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